Not to close

Mary is a 16 year old girl . She just moved to Australia because of her parent job . As she meets her neighbour . Will she fall for him or will she not not him get to close to her .


4. Michael's girlfriend

' Mary this is Laura my beautiful girlfriend ' Michael said .

' nice to meet you Mary ' Laura said . Holding out her hand.

' you shake it ' she said looking at my hand .

I shook her hand .

Luke went to go sit down . There was one sit next to Calum. I didn't know if I should sit down but Calum got up and pulled me to sit down .

' so Mary tell us about yourself .' Ashton said .

' well I just moved here from England , I'm 16 . I can speak French ' I said .

' I think she's fluent ' Michael said to Luke . Luke smirked .

' I should go ' I said getting up and putting my shoes on I cut cut off by some one putting there hands around me . It was Luke .

' what now Luke ?' I asked .

' I will see you later right ? ' he asked .

' bye Luke ' I said .

Walking out . Then I realized I only had one shoe one . I just left it because I didn't want to walk but to see Luke .

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