Not to close

Mary is a 16 year old girl . She just moved to Australia because of her parent job . As she meets her neighbour . Will she fall for him or will she not not him get to close to her .


1. intro

My name is Mary , I have brown hair , light brown eyes .i have a lip piercing , I move every 2 years , because my parents like to explore the world and then animals there, I try not to get to close .

Today is the day in leaving England , I have no friends here so there's nothing really holding me back .

' Mary -Jane hurry up the plane will leave with out us ' my mom yelled .

I hate being called that .

' coming ' I yell back from the kitchen .

I run out .


As I got off the plane the sun was so bright i got my sun glasses from my bag and put them on .

The ride to our new house was long almost 2 hours it's now 5pm .

I get my stuff out and bring it to my new room a cute boy stares at me . But Ignore it .

I picked the one closed to the cute boys house . Not because of the boy it was because I like taking pictures and the sunset on that side of the house . I got a my own balcony .

I walk down stairs and out the door .

' I'm going for a walk '

' ok be back by 7:30 we have guest coming ' she says .

' ok mom ' I say walking out the door .

I have been walking for 1 hour , I guess I should be walking back now ,

I look back to see if anyone is following me , there wasn't but I always check . I turn around I walk in someone .

I was on top if a boy . A cute boy . I think he was my neighbour .

' I'm so sorry ' I said .

' yea , it's fine ' he said .

I look in to his blue eyes .

' u-um ' he says .

' oh I'm so sorry ' I say .

' you must be a Canadian ' he says laugh and he helps me up .

' H.A.H.A no I'm originally from England but I've been all over the world .' I say .

' I should be going ' he said .

I start walking , and I look back and at first I thought he was following me but then I remembered his my neighbour.

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