Not to close

Mary is a 16 year old girl . She just moved to Australia because of her parent job . As she meets her neighbour . Will she fall for him or will she not not him get to close to her .


3. his friends

As he pulls me up his stairs . He turns around. He looks right in to my eyes . There so blue and beautiful .

' be careful their a bit crazy over girls '. He says

I turn away from his face .

' a special for a pretty girl like you ' he said .

He opens the door .

' maybe I should go ' I say letting go of his hand and started walking down the stairs .

He jumped in front of me , and picked me up over his shoulder .

' Luke is these totally necessary ' I asked .

' well if you promise to stay ' he said .

' ok fine just put me down ' I say .

He puts me down and we walk in . There was 3 boys on the couch and one girl . Weird .

' he guys this is ... ' he said . I guess he forgot my name . I can see this already going well .

' Mary ' I said .

' Mary this is Calum , Michael and ashton ' He said .

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