Andrew Biersack (Rebel love)

Sarah just movedette and is starting school in Cincinnati Ohio and she feels like she can't find any friends until Andy stumbles into her.


1. First Day Of My New School

"Ugh school." I sigh as I get up for school. I just moved from LA California to lame old Cincinnati, Ohio. "Come on, Sarah!" My little sister yells from downstairs. She is only 5 and she is just starting school. She has never even been to school before but still how could anyone want to go to school. I hear the bus pull up and mom tells me to hur but we live right next to the high school so why bother getting on a stupid ass bus when I could walk. "I am walking!" I yell at my mother. I tease my hair and put on my eyeliner. I pull on my black skinny jeans and pull on one of my many plain black t-shirts. I grab my backpack and walk out the door. 

It only took me 5 mintestinal to get to school. And even though I thought I gotthere early turns out as I stepped on campus the bell rings. Then "Ugh!" I just got shoved by a guy. "I am so sorry. Here." He held out his hand. He was beautiful. "I'm Andrew. Andy for short." Andy said as he pulled me up on my feet. "I'm Sarah." I said. He must have noticed I was blushing because he started grinning really big. "We should get to class."

Ugh. I was sitting in language arts and the teacher would not stop talking. She said something about writing a 2 paragraph summary of our summer. But I could not stop thinking about Andy. The teacher walk to my desk. "Excuse me miss felar. But I do believe I told you to do the assignment." The teacher stood over me. "I am sorry. I will start it now." Okay maybe I will get out of this I thought. "Okay but can I speak to you after class?" "Yes."

The bell rang and the teacher toltold me that I need to focus on my work and I said yup and left. It was time for math. Ugh I hate math. I walk to the classroom and notice that Andy walked into the math class I am going into. "Okay class sit anywhere you like. I am Mr. Duncan and this is Mr. Duncan's amazing math class." He tried so hard. I sat down next a window near the back of the room. "Can I sit here?" I heard the most beautiful voice ever. It was so deep and angelic. It was Andy. "Oh um, yeah." I tried to be "as cool and Mr. Duncan" but was just felt so happy. He sat down and I don't even know. He is just so perfect. "Okay class the first thin-." "I am so sorry but you are so beautiful." Mr. Duncan was interrupted by Andy's beautiful voice. "Oh, well you are-." "Um Miss Felar?" I was interrupted by Mr. Duncan. "Would you like to share what you and Mr. Biersack are talking about to the class?" "Um no thanks?" I said really confused. "Then I will have to talk to you after class. You too Andrew." The whole class starts snickering. The bell rang for lunch. "Sarah. Andrew come here please." "What were you 2 talking about." "Why would you want to know. Mr. Duncan I believe that it is wrong to get into student's personal business. I don't care what your rules are." Andy said standing up for both of us. Wow he was just perfect. "But if you really want to know I told her she looked beautiful. And if there is something wrong with that I truly don't give a fuck." Mr. Duncan just sat there dumbfounded. "Okay you can both go." 

There were only THE REST OF THE CLASSES with Andy. And I have to say I sound like a 5 year old who doesn't know anything about school when I say I love school.

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