Andrew Biersack (Rebel love)

Sarah just movedette and is starting school in Cincinnati Ohio and she feels like she can't find any friends until Andy stumbles into her.


3. Andy's house

It's only 6:45 when I get to the park. Andy is already there waiting for me. "Hey Andy." I said when I reached him. "Hi you ready to go to my house?" "Yeah."

When we got to his house he showed me upstairs to his room. "Yeah this is my room." He said. "It's nice. Should we work on homework?" "Yeah we should." He smiled. He is just so cute when he smiles. So we went to work. "If the answer to 2+2=4 then how is 2×2=4?" "Damn this is easy!"Andy said. "Heh yeah." He is so cute when he is working on homework. He looked up from his notebook and looked at me. He smiled. "You are really beautiful." I blushed so hard. "And I love you sarah." He kissed me for the third time. "Andy?" "Yeah?" "I love you too."

Sorry this is really short. I didn't know what to right.

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