Andrew Biersack (Rebel love)

Sarah just movedette and is starting school in Cincinnati Ohio and she feels like she can't find any friends until Andy stumbles into her.


2. After school

As I was walking back from school I made a detour toward the park where I saw Andy. "Hey Andy." I said walking towards him. "Huh oh hey sarah." He said smiling. "Whatcha doing?" "Um. I don't know. Just writing a song really." "Really?! Can I hear it." I asked. He started blushing really bad. "Um sure." "Yay!" "Take your hand in mine it's ours tonight. This is a rebel love song." "That is beautiful." I told him. "Nah. But you are." He leaned in and kissed me extremely passionately on the lips! I started to feel butterflies in my stomach. He backed off. "I'm sorry." He said, looking down at his feet. "Why would you be sorry?" Just as I said that I forgot that we just met this morning. "I don't know what I am doing. You probably think I am a freak like the rest if them." "No I don't. If anything I am the freak." "No you are a beautiful person and I don't believe anyone could not think you are beautiful." He said. Then I leaned in and kissed him. "I love you." "I love you too."

I walked in to the house. It was 6:00 already! "Sarah is that you?!" My mom yelled from the kitchen. "Yeah." I walked into the kitchen. "Where were you? Malissa and I were worried about you." "I was at the park with a friend." "Huh? A friend?" "Yeah and he is really nice." "He?!" My mom looked very surprised. "Yeah." "That's cool. How old is he?" "He is my age. We're are in he same grade." "Okay... well dinner is done so eat." I was not hungry. I just wanted to text Andy. "I am not hungry." "Oh, um okay." I went to my room.

Sarah: *Hey this is Andy right??*

Andy: *Yeah. Hey"

Sarah: *hey Andy* 

Andy: *hey*

Sarah: *Um so how are you??*

Andy: *There are better days*

Sarah: *Oh :/*

Andy: *yeah I have to do homework. Do you think you can come to my house and work in it together?*

Sarah: *um yeah. Where do you live?*

Andy: *near the park. I'll meet you there if you like?"

Sarah: *okay see you there <3*

Andy: *okay :) <3*

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