Liam and Me

When Tiffany and Dakota go to London to live and get away from there old life where every thing was a mess and they never thought that there lives will be like this


5. what?

D-you know how you said you thought you gave known her your hole life?



D-well you have

L-what do you mean?

D-she moved in next to you when you where very little and you instantly became friends,but before you went for the xfactor you wanted to give her the promise ring and she toke it but you broke the promise because you forgot about her and she went into a coma for 5 years and when you wanted to give the ring to her she was shocked and well know you know

L-what?i knew her before the X factor and my parents never told me about her?

D-your parents don't remember her at all too


We finally arrived at the place where Tiffany is and they said that she only have a conncusion from falling and has no idea where she is or what happened but she is fine

L-so no amnisa?


D-good can we see her?

Dr-ya oh and Liam the bands in the back in the car waiting for you

L-ok I will be right back!

D-ok I will be in the room

Louis-hey what's wrong

L-um so I asked Tiffany to a promise ring and she fainted long story short I have known Tiffany my hole life

Louis-what?so is she ok

L-ya they say she has a conncusion and doesn't know what happen but no amnisa so that's good

The boys-ok can we see her?

L-ok come on


Tiffany's pov

I woke up to a room with doctors I asked what happen they just asked me my pain level and simple questions like what year is it.dakota came on later and told me what happen and what she told Liam but good that she didn't tell the hole story.


Sorry again for the cliffhanger and the short but I need people to come in to the story and thank you BLUE IVY for writing in the comments and so with that I also made a new book and took down the kidnapping one the new one is called "out of all the people"bye anti spoons!

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