Liam and Me

When Tiffany and Dakota go to London to live and get away from there old life where every thing was a mess and they never thought that there lives will be like this


3. London

Tiffy's pov

Me and Dakota just got out of the car in London because we moved here to maybe just a little bump into one direction and for a better job that pays more also cheaper apartments!we got our key and the lady said the directions to the stores for food and furniture also that there was a thing where you put the boxes on it and it sends it to the floor where somebody sends it back after grabbing the box!We got unloaded and headed up to look at the view and unpack!

~skip the unpacking~

We were heading to the store for food to get food of course and to look around but on the way there I bumped into someone and they looked up and it was............................THE LIAM PAYNE with LOUIS TOMLINSON behind him!!!!!!!!!!

T I am so sorry Liam

Liam how do you know my name!

T you are in the worlds most famous boyband and we are fans also Louis is behind you!

D whispers our fav!!!!!

Liam ya um....yell I have to go and I'm sheer you do to!

Louis wait but I want to keep brown eyes( Dakota )

D screams ahhhhhhh

Louis what was that for?

D you just said YOU want to KEEP ME!!!!

Louis ya so?

T she LOVES YOU!!!!

Louis ohhh ok I still want to keep her

D here I will just give you mine and T's number just call us!!!!!as she whote the numbers down on Louis's arm with a pen

Louis ok see you later!!

T and D ok!!!!!

We just talked and gave our number to 2/5 members of ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!

D best idea ever!!!!!!!!!

T but I want to know why Liam wanted to leave so fast

D love at first sight?

T omg no,maybe,ya

D told you!!!

T what ever I am hungry let's shop

D ok Niall!!!

T shut up!!!

D haha

We went shopping for food ad went to the mall and shopped and ate at the food court

When we got back we put every thing where it belongs and sat down to watch tv.when I was watching the news Liam and Louis and the rest of the band was there and was talking about what happened today in there life's ad Liam and Louis started to talk about us of course we started to cry and cry.they ended up calling us during the show and they put it on speaker so that Liam can talk too they said...

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