Him [L.P]

When I realized, I just started crying. And I kept crying for a while. Because you had her, and you would never feel the same feelings towards me. You and her are perfect and I don't ever see you and her apart. That's why falling for you hurts so much.


1. Chapter One

"Have a nice evening," the woman said to me.
 Four days a week I work at Starbucks to help me save up to move into my own apartment. That's what my best friend Anna and I have been planning for a while; moving in together.
 I don't know how long that will last since she's now dating Harry Styles from a band. They've been dating for almost a year now, and I think they're getting pretty serious.
 Even if plans change and she doesn't move with me, I still want to move out of my house. I love my parents and everything, but I'm ready to start being more independent.
 "Hey, Rachel!" I recognized Anna's voice right away. Sometimes she stops by to get a drink and say hello.
 "Hi, Anna. I'll get you your drink," I replied.
 "Would you be able to take a few minutes break?" She asked. I looked at the clock.
 "Yeah, but only for like five minutes," I said. She nodded and went to sit at a table. I made her the usual coffee she likes and went to sit with her.
 "Thanks," she said when I set the drink on the table in front of her and sat down.
 "So what's going on?" I asked. She smiled.
 "I want you to come over to Harry's tonight and hang out with us and his friends," she said.
 "Um, I don't know, Anna. I have things to do and-" she cut me off.
 "Come on, Rach! Tomorrow is Saturday and you don't have work, so you can sleep in! It will be fun. And maybe you'll like his friends! You need to get out more!" She exclaimed. I sighed.
 "Fine, okay I'll come. But if I get bored or something you'll have to help me making an excuse to leave," I joked. She rolled her eyes.
 "They're really fun guys, I'm sure you'll have a good time," she said. I nodded.
 "Okay, so I'm going over at six. Want me to pick you up on my way?" She suggested. I nodded.
 "Yeah that works. Now I need to get back to work, I'll see you later," I said and stood up.
 "Okay, bye Rachel," she replied.
 After work I went home and got ready for Anna to pick me up. I didn't need to do much, just change out of my uniform and fix my hair and make up.
 When Anna finally came, I went to the kitchen.
 "Mom I'm going with Anna to her boyfriend's house. He's having us and some friends of his over. I'll be home later. Don't wait up on me," I said.
 "Alright bye, honey. See you later," she said.
 I went out to Anna's car and she drove off to Harry's.
 When we knocked on Harry's door, one of his friends answered.
 "Hey Anna, Harry went upstairs for a minute he'll be right back. Who's this?" He said and smiled at me.
 "This is my best friend, Rachel. Rachel, this is Zayn," Rachel introduced us. I smiled and waved.
 "Nice to meet you, Rachel. Come on in ladies," he said and moved to the side to make room for us.
 Inside, Harry came down the stairs. "Hey Anna," he smiled and kissed her cheek. He turned to me.
 "Hey Rachel nice to see you again. Come this way I'll introduce you to my friends. Anna has met most of them," he explained.
 I followed Harry and Anna into what I assume is the living room. Zayn was already there, with two other guys.
 "Rachel this is Louis and Niall, Louis and Niall, this is Anna's friend, Rachel," Harry said. They smiled.
 "Glad to meet you Rachel," Niall said and Louis nodded his head in agreement.
 "Where's Liam?" Harry asked.
 "He went upstairs to find something for his headache I think," Louis told him.
 "Oh okay, well if you run into him somewhere, that's Liam," Harry said to me. I nodded.
 Harry went and sat on the couch by Niall.
 "Anna where's the bathroom?" I asked.
 "Upstairs three doors down on your right," she explained.
 "Thanks," I said and went up the stairs.
 After I went to the bathroom, I walked back towards the stairs, and ran into someone walking out of another room. We both fell to the ground.
 "I'm so sorry!" We both exclaimed at the same time and started laughing. We stood up and he reached out to shake my hand.
 "Hi, I'm Liam," he said and I looked up at him for the first time. Time seemed to stop.
 "Rachel," I said, not able to break contact with his beautiful brown eyes.  He smiled.
 "I like that name a lot," he said.
 "Thank you," I smiled.
 I don't even know how to describe what I was feeling in that moment. From what it seems, Liam is super nice. His eyes are amazing and his smile is so bright his eyes sparkle.
 "I was just heading downstairs," he said.
 "Yeah, me too," I replied. He nodded.
 "Well let's go, I want to see if the pizza is here yet. I'm starving," he said. I nodded and followed him down the steps.
 Back downstairs, Louis and Harry were in a very serious match of FIFA. Niall and Anna were no longer in there.
 "Where's Anna and Niall?" Liam asked.
 "Kitchen," Harry said. Liam nodded and I followed him.
 Niall and Anna were both sitting at the table eating pizza.

"Louis and Harry think their game is more important than pizza. So we left them," Niall said. Liam and I both smiled and helped ourselves to the pizza on the counters. Louis and Harry walked in arguing a minute later about who won their game. Supposedly Harry, but Louis thinks he cheated.

We were all eating and talking when the doorbell rang. Liam smiled and stood up.

"I'll get it," he said and left. A couple of minutes later he returned. A brunette was standing at his side.

"Hey, Sophia," Niall said. The rest of the boys said hello's.

"Anna, Rachel, I'd like you to meet my girlfriend. This is Sophia," Liam said. A feeling of sadness passed through me. His girlfriend?

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