Gale's Girl

He'd always loved her. My brother had always loved her. But me, I was nearly invisible. That was until they were chosen, and he finally saw me, and I loved being out of her shadow.


1. -one-

  The light shown through the window in the small room that I slept in. I was sprawled across the rough wooden floor. Today was Reaping day and dread had come to my two older brothers and I over the past few days. It would be Wade's last year in the games and Peeta and I have two more years to be chosen.

I sat up and looked out the window, deep in thought when Peeta came and sat next to me.

"You okay?" I nod in response. "Hey, look it's going to be okay. Just imagine, we'll get through the Reaping and since I made some extra tips, we'll have dad make a small cake to celebrate your birthday, Miss 16 year old." He kisses my forehead and stands to go get us each a cup of water.

"Know what I want for my birthday?" I grin. "I want you to tell the infamous Katniss Everdeen how you feel." He rolls his eyes as he sits down next to me again.

"I can't Lillybird, you know that. She doesn't even know I exist." He sighs, looking out the window in despair. My brother has been in love with that girl since I can remember and I'll be damned if he never gets to tell her that he loves her.

"Think about it, for me?" I bat my eyes and pout in mocking.

"Maybe." He grins and pokes my small nose causing me to giggle. If we could stay in this moment with the rising sun and the happy feeling we haven't had in days, then I'd be content for the rest of my life.


°Hey guys sorry the chapter is short but it is just the start so hope you enjoy°

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