Blood Bound

Mortem forest stretches far along the land. Rich soils, beautifully grown trees, and dark aurora have been of interest to humans for years. Settlers created villages and factories without even the slightest clue the danger that lurked in Mortem forest. For years men, women, children, even pets, and other animals had mysterious disapearences, leaving nothing more then a trail of blood to nowhere. As years passed, the villages turned from small peaceful huts, to large polluting cities, with loud noises. As more people populated the earth, the disapearences seemed less frequent. The humans settled back into there daily lives, only hearing little tales about the villagers pasts. They soon came to be known as superstitions, and the people forgot the danger that still lurked in Mortem forest.

My name is Adrian Rose, and I am bound to be the queen of the vampire race. But first, I must choose.


1. ~Prologue~


"My Lords! My Lords!" A young servant girl burtsed into the rooms of the meeting room. Her blonde hair pulled back neatly into a french braid, her pale skin covered by black fabric, her brown eyes filled with worry. The three men at the head of the room turned to face the teenage girl. "What is it Elise? Do you not see the meeting we are having?" The king, Elijah, ballowed at the girl. The petite blonde did not move an inch, neither did she flinch. "The Sapientes." She smiled with two pointed teeth. "They would like to see you my lords." The king looked between his sons. Xavier and Jasper. Twin boys who looked nothing alike, and had no similarities in personality. Xavier was a cocky, domineering, and assertive young man. His brown hair, and deep emerald eyes gave him a charming appearence. Though Jasper was a very striking man, with his midnight black hair, and stunning dark blue eyes. He was quiet, though decisive and bold when needed. "What would the Sapientes need with us?'' King Elijah breathed out as he stepped down from the stage. The boys fallowed suite as Elijah walked up to Elise. Elise bounced on her toes. "Its about the prophecie My King." She nodded her head as if assuring herself of it and stepped out of the kings way. "The prophecie!" Xavier smirked rubbing his hands together. ''This is great father.'' Xavier had a new found spirit in his step as he walked along with his father. On his other side was Jasper who quietly listened to the conversation. ''Dont you think brother?'' Xavier asked him. Jasper looked to his twin and shrugged. "It could be good.'' He simply stated. Xavier waved a hand at his brother. The three men excitedly raced down the stairs and out into the village, filled with many others of there kind. The people around them bowed, a few brave souls saying 'Good Evening.'. But the men payed no mind as they entered inside the small hut at the end of the lane. Inside sat three old men, to old to be alive. ''Good evening my lords." The three men bowed slightly as the six of them sat around the table. ''What is this I hear about the prophecie?'' The king went straight to the point. The old men looked between one another. The eldest Sapientes opened his mouth first. ''King Elijah. We see that the new king will be crowned on their 18 birthday. Which is in one month.'' They nodded in agreement. It was part of a phrophecie for many years. '' We believe that it is nearly time for them to meet there future queen. We know now that she who yeilds the power to choose becomes nearer and nearer my lords." The room was in silence, the only sound being the sounds from the village. ''The prophecie my king, the prophecie of Eligens is taking place once again my lord.''

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