Blood Bound

Mortem forest stretches far along the land. Rich soils, beautifully grown trees, and dark aurora have been of interest to humans for years. Settlers created villages and factories without even the slightest clue the danger that lurked in Mortem forest. For years men, women, children, even pets, and other animals had mysterious disapearences, leaving nothing more then a trail of blood to nowhere. As years passed, the villages turned from small peaceful huts, to large polluting cities, with loud noises. As more people populated the earth, the disapearences seemed less frequent. The humans settled back into there daily lives, only hearing little tales about the villagers pasts. They soon came to be known as superstitions, and the people forgot the danger that still lurked in Mortem forest.

My name is Adrian Rose, and I am bound to be the queen of the vampire race. But first, I must choose.


4. ~Chapter 3~


''I like it!'' Elise crossed her arms over her chest and smiled. I rolled my eyes and looked back in the mirror. ''I look like a whale.'' I confirmed already unzipping the dress. I slip it off and pass it over to her. ''Good. I wanted to keep this one for last, its the boys favourite one.'' She laughed like there was some hidden joke and disappeared into the closet. The boys this, the boys that. Who the hell are these boys? Elise and I had a quick tour of the castle which was bigger then I thought and not only had a library for reading, but it's own pool and training center. She ate lunch with me, and quickly dragged me back to the room to get ready for the supper. I had showered, done my hair, and was almost ready other then the dress which it seemed like all of them looked rather to big or way to small for me. I sat silently on the bed swinging my feet looking at my mirror and making faces. She had fixed my hair and makeup and I was in love with it. If I ever leave here, I would love to take her with me as my own stylist. Elise skipped out of the room holding up a red dress. She passed it to me, and I tried it on. ''It looks dazzling on you!'' Elise grinned clapping her hands and guiding me over to the mirror. I gasped at myself and twirled around as if I wasn't real. I couldn't even speak. The dress hugged every curve my body, ending at my toes. I loved it. I didn't even look like myself. ''Do you like it Adrian?'' Elise asked biting her lip. I turned to her and nodded as she smiled. ''Alright, let's get you down to the dinning room before they start complaining. I heard the princes couldn't wait to see you!'' Elise giggled. I smiled as I walked beside her. She was a nice girl, but not someone I could exactly stand for a long time. Maybe, there were other girls my age around the castle. We now stood outside a large wooden door, I felt nervous as Elise moved forward to open them. I fallowed her as the door opened to an elegant dinning room. Four people sat at the large table all speaking to one another. But the minute I stepped into the room it went silent. I looked up through my lashes almost gasping at the two young man sitting across from each other. Oh hell to the no. Elise shoved me from behind forcing me into the room and slammed the doors behind me. I looked behind me just wishing to run back out of them. ''Are you going to join us Princess?'' I looked up at the old man. He looked of high authority. The king maybe? I slowly stumbled forward fear taking over me as I neared the seat in-between the two princes. My heart was pounding in my ears as I sat at the head of the table across from the king, and in-between the princes. The princes. The two men who had attacked me in the forest and had most likely killed Isobel were sitting right next to me. I wanted to scream and run away, never looking back. ''My name is King Elijah. This is my wife Ruby. And my two sons Xavier.'' He pointed to the emerald green eyed boy who winked at me when he noticed my gaze. ''And Jasper.'' He pointed to the other boy who looked at me with deep dark blue eyes. He simply smirked at me and waved. I felt cold shivers run up my spine. I decided to do the right thing to do and answer politely. ''I'm Adrian. Nice to meet you all.'' I nodded my head and bit my lip. ''Oh your beautiful!'' Queen Ruby gushed and took a sip of her wine. ''I uh..Thank you.'' I laughed nervously. ''No need to feel nervous around us my dear. We are your new family. Ask any questions as you wish.'' New family? Am I the only one who caught that? New family. No way. ''What is this place?'' I asked the first thing off the top of my head. ''The sapphire castle.'' The queen answered the question I nodded as I thought about my next question. This could quickly turn into a game of 21 questions. ''How did I get here?'' I whispered biting my lip. I felt the gazes of both princes on me, and when I glanced up, I noticed a dark look in both of there eyes. ''My sons brought you here.'' The king answered this time as he also took a sip of wine. I nodded slowly my heart beat running a thousand miles per hour. I was so nervous my palms were sweating. These people didn't seem...Normal. I looked at my glass noticing the clear liquid inside. It was water. Why didn't I have wine? This is a fancy dinner. I shrugged it off and looked up. ''Where is my friend Isobel?'' I said this confidently. I knew they had something to do with her disappearance. I saw Xavier lick his lips from the corner off my eye and I shivered. ''Isobel?'' The king asked confused. ''Yes! The one who was with me in the forest... Where is she?'' I felt frantic now but didn't show it. What if the princes had done something to her and didn't tell their fathers? ''I'm sorry Adrian but I don't know who this Isobel is. According to the boys, you were the only person at the campsite.'' The king confirmed making me feel angry. I hide the anger on my face as food was brought out to us. We ate in silence, as I fiddled with the food on my plate, I contemplated my escape plan. When could I escape? Their was no way of escaping from my room, and every other place in the castle had servants. Their was no way I could escape unseen. After the food was finished, it was whisked away by servants and the family fell into a silent chatter. I awkwardly sat there looking up at them every once and awhile and then back down at my twiddling hands. I couldn't believe myself. I was in a screwed up position, and I wasn't even screaming. ''Why am I here?'' I suddenly blurted instantly taking it back when all heads turned to me. I gulped and shrunk back in my chair. ''Eager are we Princess?'' I resisted the urge to glare at Xavier as Jasper chuckled. There's that name again. Princess. ''That's enough Xavier.'' King Elijah raised his voice in authority and I gave him a grateful smile. ''Adrian you are here because of a prophecy.'' The king began what I knew would be a story. ''Many years ago, the new king was always crowned at the age of 18. Every new king seemed to have a twin. To make the pick easier for the new king. They would bring in then princes mate, who both of them shared in common. And the human mate would be the one to choose who the next king is.'' The king explained. I let everything process and then laughed. ''You make it sound like your not human. What are you? Werewolf?'' I giggled trying to cover it up with a cough. The kings gaze became stern, they all looked offended. ''Don't compare us to such lowlife monsters.'' The king muttered. Then his voice became louder. ''We are vampires.'' My mouth clamped shut in an instant. ''V-Vampires?'' I stuttered. Then everything seemed to rush back to me. The fangs and blood on Xavier when I first saw him. Their darkening eyes. The reason I didn't have win in my glass is because it wasn't wine. It was blood. I pushed my chair back as I stumbled backwards towards the doors. Then...I fainted.

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