Blood Bound

Mortem forest stretches far along the land. Rich soils, beautifully grown trees, and dark aurora have been of interest to humans for years. Settlers created villages and factories without even the slightest clue the danger that lurked in Mortem forest. For years men, women, children, even pets, and other animals had mysterious disapearences, leaving nothing more then a trail of blood to nowhere. As years passed, the villages turned from small peaceful huts, to large polluting cities, with loud noises. As more people populated the earth, the disapearences seemed less frequent. The humans settled back into there daily lives, only hearing little tales about the villagers pasts. They soon came to be known as superstitions, and the people forgot the danger that still lurked in Mortem forest.

My name is Adrian Rose, and I am bound to be the queen of the vampire race. But first, I must choose.


3. ~Chapter 2~


The blankets hugged my body tight, reassuring me that everything that happened was just a dream. I rolled over with a yawn and opened one eye. The sun was shinning in through a crack in the curtain and I groaned. Since when was my window next to my bed? I stretched out my body and sat up rubbing my eyes with my fists. I blinked open my eyes, but boy I wish I hadn't. I wasn't in my room. I was in a beautiful designed red and navy blue themed room. The room was huge, a large dresser in the corner, and three doors lined the wall. A vanity only fit for a princess was placed in the corner, and a window was covered by blue curtains. I pushed the blankets of the queen sized bed off of me and slid off the bed. A soft grey carpet met my feet as I trailed across the floor to the first door. I opened it to reveal a large closet stocked full of beautiful dresses and jackets. I gently closed the door as if scared the closet would disappear and went to the next door. It was already cracked open to reveal a bathroom. It was big enough to fit my entire bedroom back home in. The designs were elegant. I stepped away from the door and headed for the window. When I pulled back the curtains my jaw dropped. "Wow..." I whispered looking out over the village that bustled with activity. Vending carts of all sorts lined the main street, as kids ran around throwing things back and forth. It reminded me of the old days, only with a modern touch. "Beautiful view isn't it." I spun around almost loosing my balance. A petite blonde girl smiled back at me as she made the bed I had been sleeping in moments ago. Her brown eyes held an unknown excitement as she fluffed the pillows. "Where am I?" Was the first question I could think of. Then without thinking, more sputtered from my lips. "Who are you? What is this place? How did I get here? Where is Isobel? I'm so confused." The girl laughed and walked over to me, grabbing my hand and sitting me down on the bed. "My name is Elise. I'm here as your servant. I can not answer your questions, but the princes and king surely will when you meet them for dinner tonight. Now are you hungry princess?" She asked as if she had done this routine before. She looked young, young enough to be 16. "Princess?'' I asked stunned to silence. Why is she calling me Princess? "Oh.." She trailed off. "You do not know yet. What would you prefer I call you My Lady?" She asked opening the clothing drawers on the other side of the room. "I-I...'' I whispered stumped. "I guess Adrian would be fine." I stated watching her put together an outfit for me. She nodded and hummed as she went along. Then gathering the clothing she picked out she rushed me into the bathroom. ''Clean up darling, you smell like rubbish.'' She smiled as if she didn't offend me and closed the door. My eyebrows furrowed as I smelt myself. Whoa, she is right. I stripped my clothing off and stepped into the large shower as if this was my normal everyday routine. It didn't seem like I could escape from here. I sighed as I washed my hair and body, I was enjoying the shower, enough said. I hesitantly dried myself and pulled on the purple t-shirt and black leggings Elise had picked out for me. Then ran a  brush I had found through my hair, leaving it down to air dry. When I left the bathroom, Elise was in my closet going through dresses. ''What are you doing?'' I asked biting my lip. Elise glanced over at me. "Seeing what dresses you have for tonight's dinner with the Royal family. You have to dress nice for a first impression, even though I'm sure they'll love you.'' Elise smiled reassuringly and stepped out of the closet. She closed the door behind her and made her way to the door. ''Come on, lets show you around the castle shall we?'' I fallowed her with only one question in mind. What the hell is going to happen to me?

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