Blood Bound

Mortem forest stretches far along the land. Rich soils, beautifully grown trees, and dark aurora have been of interest to humans for years. Settlers created villages and factories without even the slightest clue the danger that lurked in Mortem forest. For years men, women, children, even pets, and other animals had mysterious disapearences, leaving nothing more then a trail of blood to nowhere. As years passed, the villages turned from small peaceful huts, to large polluting cities, with loud noises. As more people populated the earth, the disapearences seemed less frequent. The humans settled back into there daily lives, only hearing little tales about the villagers pasts. They soon came to be known as superstitions, and the people forgot the danger that still lurked in Mortem forest.

My name is Adrian Rose, and I am bound to be the queen of the vampire race. But first, I must choose.


2. ~Chapter 1~

"Hurry up Adrian!'' I looked up at my best friend. Her wavy blonde hair swayed back and forth in the wind. She had a bounce in her step as she looked down at a map. I groaned and jogged to catch up with her. When I asked her to go camping, she didnt seem to fond of the idea. She stomped her foot and started to complain like a child, but now that I let her navigate us, she was happier then a kid on christmas. I wasn't going to complain though, I like happy Isobel more then I like childish."Lets stop here for a rest.'' I sighed sitting down on a large rock. Isobel shrugged her shoulders and sat down also. The sunset was lighting up the trees, they looked like they were on fire. "How much longer until we get to the camp sight?'' I asked her taking the water bottle out of my back pack. Isobel looked down at the map and dragged her hand across it. "According to the map..''She trailed off."30 years.'' She looked up at me with a smile as if proud. Then realizing what she said frowned. "That's not right..'' She trailed off. I placed my water bottle back into my bag and leaned over her shoulder to look at it. ''Um Adds...'' She looked up at me worry in her blue eyes. ''I dont know where we are." She stated so simply. My eyes widened as I grabbed the map from her and looked at it. "Thats because you were holding it upside down!" I exclaimed slumping my shoulders. Isobel stood and began to pace back and forth. "I cant believe I was so stupid. Now where stuck out here in Mortem forest with nothing but a days worth of supplies. What if Big Foot comes along?'' Isobel panicked looking around the forest. "Big foot isn't real Izzy." I laughed as Isobel sat down. "He may not be real to you. But he's real to me!" She whispered. I rolled my eyes, of course she was freaking out over that, she's believed in every myth since we were 7. ''We've been over this honey. What you should be worried about is the wolves. They like blonde girls like you." I winked at Isobel who looked even more frightened. "S-Shut up!!" Isobel yelled flustered. "You know i get easily scared Adrian." She sighs hugging herself. ''And it's my fault we are up here anyway." Isobel sighed her gaze falling on something behind me. I scowled and fallowed her gaze to a flat patch of green grass. We could set up camp here and create a barrier to keep animals out, it's safer then walking around in the dark. I glanced over at Isobel to see her intently thinking about something. "What are you thinking about Izzy?'' I asked bitting my lip. "I was thinking that we should have stayed home. I read an article the other day about all the killings up here.'' She looked up at me through thick lashes. "Do you think we are going to die up here Adds?'' She asked after moment of silence. "Dont be rediculous Iz. When the stars come up I will figure out what way we came and how to get home, okay?'' I stated picking up my bag. "Okay.'' Isobel whispered. Silently Isobel stood and looked around the area. "Let's set up a camp here." She smiles at me and begins to pick out a few things from her bag. We began to set up a tiny camp, laying our sleeping bags and drinks down on the ground and then building up a barrier around it. I looked up at the sky and bit my lip. ''Do you think you can tell yet?" Isobel mumbled. Stars have been an obssesion of mine since I was 10, I can tell which way is what just by looking at them. My dad got me into it before he started his travelling job. ''Maybe in 20 minutes or so. I can still see the glow of the sun." I stated and Isobel nodded finishing off our camp site. ''Meanwhile, im going to go and pick those berries I saw back there." I stood and brushed off my pants. "You stay here and watch our stuff. I won't be long.'' I stated watching Isobel stand. Her gaze was set on a trail leading up into the deeper parts of the woods. "What do you think is up there?" She asked suddenly looking at me with weary eyes. I smirked. ''I dunno. Maybe Witches who like to make soup out of teenage girls. Or Werewolves that love young girls meaty bones.'' I shrug walking backwards. ''Or you know, Fairies." I laughed. "Seriously Adrian? Fairies? And you know witches and werewolves are real!" She shouted taking it way to seriously. "What about vampires?" She asked silently looking up at me. ''Vampires. Hmm...That sounds real nice. Get some sexy Edward Cullen in here." I smirked. "Unless these are vicious sharp teethed, human blood drinking, strong and fast, man eaters. In that case I guess your screwed, because im getting berries." I turned on my heel running as fast as I could away from Isobel. She was surely going to kill me when I returned. I loved scaring people. I hummed to myself as I collected the bluberries into my hands, I was glad I found them, because honestly I wouldn't be able to eat Isobel's tuna sandwichs. I jumped suddenly when I heard the crack of a stick behind me, I turned on my heel expecting to see a scared Isobel, but only air greeted me. My eyebrows knit together as I turned back to pick more berries. I continued to hum, calming my nerves as much as possible. In a situation like this, it was better to stay calm then to freak out like Izzy was doing. I felt like somebody was staring at me, and I soon grew uncomfortable, always looking over my shoulder. Then another twig snapped. I turned around quicker then the first time, this time I did see something. Two pairs of eyes stared back at me through the brush, one blue, and the other green. I rubbed my eyes as if imagining it, and sighed in relief when they were gone. I immediatly headed back to the camp, the sun was gone now, and the area around me was filled with darkness. The dark never really bothered me, so as I walked along I felt at peace. I arrived back at camp and didn't see Isobel. I shrugged it off, she was probably hiding inside our little hut. I placed the berries on the gound, and hopped up onto a rock as I looked at the sky. The stars were bright in the sky and I smiled. It was perfect. I stepped down from the rock and gathered the berries and entered the shelter. My eyebrows knit together when I noticed Isobel was in fact not here. Placing the berries on the ground, I went back out into the night and looked around. "Isobel?!" I called out worry setting in. Where could she have gone. I almost screamed when i noticed the blood on a rock little ways away from me. "ISOBEL! Isobel this isnt funny! Haha you got me, now come out!'' I cried desparatly. No answer. I was left distraught in the middle of the forest, all alone. The snapping of the branch behind me, made me sigh with relief. ''Isobel, thank god your oka-'' I turned around expecting Isobel to be standing there. Instead a man stood there, his emerald green eyes skimming up and down my body. The first thing I noticed was the blood dripping down his chin, then the fangs poking out from under his lip. A scream bubbled in my throat but it didn't surface as he toke steps towards me. I felt fear course through my veins, who was this man? The dirt crunched under my feet as I took a step backwards. Is that...No, it couldn't be.. Isobel's blood? I screamed when I felt two hands on my back pushing me forward, I spun around to face another man, his dark blue eyes filled with sorrow. ''Who are you? Where is Isobel-" I didnt even get to finish my sentence before I was grabbed from behind and something pricked my arm. I felt myself getting weaker as I trashed in this persons arms. ''Stop!'' I screamed. ''Stop...'' I almost fell over as my vision began to blur. ''Stop..'' I pleadingly whispered. ''Please..'' The world faded around me, as I fell into a scary darkness.

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