The Meadow of Magic

I started to write this morning and came up with this, i think its enough to get me started anyway. I'll be posting on Wattpad and Movellas so check those out...same username.

In a magical land far away from here lived seven children, just turned 15. Vivian Poppel, the adventurer who will stop at nothing to find adventure throughout the land. Cherish Bleu, the kind girl who helps everyone who needs it. Briar Rose, the one whose beauty leaves everyone who meets her speechless. Ashton Sun, the one who finds opportunity in everything. Trinity Tulane, the funny one who stops at nothing to make others laugh. Lucille Daisy, the lonely one who can’t help but think of what life would be like with someone else in it. Danielle Peony, the final of the seven also the youngest, whose child-like spirit finds the kid in everyone and brings it out. These are the kids, the kids who haven’t met, the kids who will meet, who need to meet, who want to meet.


6. Chapter 6

"This is....Angel, my best friend in my village." I said. They looked surprised that I brought someone here. They knew how secretive I was about this place, so secretive I chose the invisibility bracelet so no one would see me go into the woods instead of waiting close to ten minutes for the street population to decrease. Briar grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to the lagoon.

"She's pretty, how old is she? I don't know if we can trust her." Briar whispered. I pulled away from her, there was a red mark where she had her hand.

"I wasn't sure about that either Briar, but we've been friends all our lives and I don't think she'll tell anyone once she realizes how important it is to me." I said, kick up some dirt and getting mud all over my right converse. We walked back over and say in a circle. Dani was playing with a flower saying 'he loves me, he loves me not.' smiling at every 'he loves me', and Trin was pestering a slug that had wiggled its way into her line of sight.

"Trin! Stop bugging the poor creature." I said. We all laughed, Dani snorted a couple times. A few hours passed and dani and Briar had to head back so we all decided to part ways. I linked my arm with Angel's and skipped with her to the side of town which was now dull and lifeless.

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