The Meadow of Magic

I started to write this morning and came up with this, i think its enough to get me started anyway. I'll be posting on Wattpad and Movellas so check those out...same username.

In a magical land far away from here lived seven children, just turned 15. Vivian Poppel, the adventurer who will stop at nothing to find adventure throughout the land. Cherish Bleu, the kind girl who helps everyone who needs it. Briar Rose, the one whose beauty leaves everyone who meets her speechless. Ashton Sun, the one who finds opportunity in everything. Trinity Tulane, the funny one who stops at nothing to make others laugh. Lucille Daisy, the lonely one who can’t help but think of what life would be like with someone else in it. Danielle Peony, the final of the seven also the youngest, whose child-like spirit finds the kid in everyone and brings it out. These are the kids, the kids who haven’t met, the kids who will meet, who need to meet, who want to meet.


5. Chapter 5

“Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na…BatViv!” I yelled whilst running in the meadow with my bracelet activated. I decided to go back home after about 25 minutes of running. My energy levels were decreasing and I had no reason to be there anymore. Trinity went straight home after we got to the meadow.

When I arrived home my mother was making a fancy meal, which wasn’t normal so I knew something was going on. My father came from outside and set his coat down on the dining room chair. He looked tired, but smiled, as he always did, looking like he had no care in the world.

“How was your day Vivian?” my father asked.

“It was good.” I replied, trying not to spill my excitement on him, because if I did I would never be able to go to the meadow again.

“I was talking to Angel today, she said you barely talk to her anymore. Did something happen between you?” my father asked concerned.

“No, in fact, I was just heading over to her house before you came in.” I said and rushed to the door, I grabbed my bag and put on my sweater. I ran to Ang’s house and quietly walked up to her room. She was sitting at her desk drawing, as she usually did in the evenings.

“Ang” I whispered, trying not to wake her baby brother Axel who was sleeping next door.

“Viv? How did you get in? I haven’t seen you in forever.” She said.

“That doesn’t matter, I have to show you something. I’ve wanted to show you something for awhile, but I just couldn’t.” I said. She walked over to me and grabbed her bag and coat and walked with me to the front door.

“What you see today you will tell no one about, not your parents, not your other friends, not even Axel.” I said.

“Okay.” She said. I walked to the edge of the woods and waited by the entrance for comfort that no one would follow us. Ang followed closely behind me, frightened because she had never been in the forest. We got to the lagoon and Ang begged to sit because she couldn’t walk any further without rest, wimp. After a 15 minute break we started walking and got to the meadow around dusk. We didn’t have curfews, we grew out of them when we were 13. She sat on the grass and I laid down next to her.

“What’s so secretive about this place.” She asked. I sang the song of the meadow that called my friends who were nearby. Dani, Briar and Trin came out into view and sat next to me and stared at Ang.

“Who is she?” Briar said softly.

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