The Meadow of Magic

I started to write this morning and came up with this, i think its enough to get me started anyway. I'll be posting on Wattpad and Movellas so check those out...same username.

In a magical land far away from here lived seven children, just turned 15. Vivian Poppel, the adventurer who will stop at nothing to find adventure throughout the land. Cherish Bleu, the kind girl who helps everyone who needs it. Briar Rose, the one whose beauty leaves everyone who meets her speechless. Ashton Sun, the one who finds opportunity in everything. Trinity Tulane, the funny one who stops at nothing to make others laugh. Lucille Daisy, the lonely one who can’t help but think of what life would be like with someone else in it. Danielle Peony, the final of the seven also the youngest, whose child-like spirit finds the kid in everyone and brings it out. These are the kids, the kids who haven’t met, the kids who will meet, who need to meet, who want to meet.


3. Chapter 3

I walked back home with my bag on my shoulder. I was debating whether to tell the twins I met Ashton or not. If I told them they would want proof or something, and they would ask where I met him. I went upstairs without dinner. I wasn’t really in the mood to eat after such a crazy day, plus I had 5 apples on the way home. Of course my mom came in asking if something was wrong. I told her I just wasn’t hungry so I didn’t think it was a problem skipping dinner. She left after 2 minutes of trying to find the real answer.

 My little sister Tabitha came in and walked over to the empty flowerpot I kept on the windowsill beside my bed. She waved her hand over it and a beautiful poppy appeared. She wasn’t supposed to know about her powers till she was 13, but I told her and Anne when they were 8. Your parents were not supposed to tell you before the age of 13 because your powers were not developed all the way. The twins can only grow a poppy, but I can grow a poppy, control the flowers and plant life of the color red and control water. My parents can do other things with their powers but I have only seen them use their known powers around me. It is the same with all the villages except the rose and sunflower villages. The sunflower villagers can control light instead of water. The rose villagers can control plant life the colors pink, red and white. Each village can control their color of flower and plant life. All villages control green plant life though.

 I fell asleep and woke up on the floor of my room with a pillow on my head. I ran down stairs and grabbed an orange out of the fridge and sat on the couch. I was the first one up and no one was awake in the village either. I was supposed to meet the others in the meadow around noon, but I want alone time in the meadow so I woke up at 6. I grabbed my bag and started my walk to the meadow. I picked some apples on the way for a snack later in the day. I got to the meadow around 7 and put my bag beside the pool and put my feet in the water. I started singing “The Hanging Tree”, I kept singing it until my watch said 12. I took my feet out of the water and dried my feet off. I turned around to see an amazed Cherish, the girl from the bluebell village.

“Your voice is beautiful!” she exclaimed.

“How long have you been behind me?” I asked.

“I have been here for about 10 minutes. Danielle was here too, but she just left to find Trinity.” she answered.

“Oh, well shall we?” I asked her linked our arms and skipping with her into the center of the meadow. She started laughing. I sat down beside her and we talked about her home life. She lives with her mom, Terra, and older brother Eric. Her father died in an accident while walking in the forest. She says it was a witch, but I don’t believe her. Witches don’t exist, not even in this mystical land.

Trinity came walking out of the forest with Danielle. They sat with us as we waited for the others. Almost everyone was in our circle…except Ashton and Briar. As I started thinking of where they were, Ashton and Briar walked out of the forest, fingers intertwined. I found it so sweet, she and Ashton are happy. I looked to my left and saw Danielle put her head down. She was disappointed, I could tell. She was telling me just minutes before they got here how much she liked Ashton.

         “Hey!” Ashton said, completely ignoring the look of sadness on Danielle’s face.

         “We are a couple now!” Briar said excitedly. Trinity and Lucille rolled their eyes and looked at Danielle who was still staring sadly at the ground beneath her. I cared about little Danielle, she was the youngest of us all, she just turned 14 and we just turned 15.

         “You literally hated him yesterday…” I said to Briar with a snappy tone. She hurt Danielle, and didn’t even feel bad.

         “I know, but when he asked me on the way here I just couldn’t say no! He was so sweet!” she said.

         “He only likes you because you’re pretty! He was literally staring at you like you were some sort of cheesecake yesterday.” I shouted.

         “Fine, Ashton…we are through.” She said gently.

         “We literally just started dating like 2 minutes ago!” he said, anger in his voice. I could tell he was about to explode. Briar was the prettiest in the group, but she was more than a pretty face.

         “What the heck Viv! I cannot belie—“ he started.

         “Tell me I’m not right!” I said a little anxious as to what he had to say. If he could tell I’m not wrong and have a reason behind it, a GOOD reason then maybe he’ll get her back. He started tapping his foot on the grass killing a patch of clovers. I could tell he was nervous by the way he bit his lip and twisted his eyebrow piercing, yes he has an eyebrow piercing.

         “You’re right…” he said putting down his head, “She is just so beautiful and I thought the less we knew about each other the more likely my chances were with having her say yes.” He finished. He looked at me, sadness in his eyes, then at Briar who looked hurt. He sat down in the clover patch and started singing one of his new songs, ‘All About You’ and Danielle started bobbing her head to the music and I started giggling. Briar, poor Briar, was sitting at the lagoon by herself crying. I walked over and sat down beside her, putting my feet in the water.

         “You okay?” I asked.

         “I’m fine, why would do that to Danielle? I thought he actually liked me for my personality, but he only liked me for my looks, and he totally ignored the possibility of how Danielle would feel.” She said. I agree with her, but she wasn’t perfect either, she knew about Dani’s crush on him but she said yes anyway not thinking about Dani’s feelings.

         “You kind of didn’t either, I mean you knew how it would make Dani feel if you said yes, but you said it anyway ignoring her feelings.” I said, waiting for her to lash out on me.

         “You’re right…but I thought she wouldn’t mind…we’ve met before the meadow you know…we were 10 and I accidentally crossed the border into the peony village. She was sitting on a rock and I decided to introduce myself. We became friends, but I never saw her again, until a few days ago when I met you guys. I’ve seen you here before, I haven’t introduced myself, I’ve only watched…I saw you pick apples, I heard you sing, I heard you talking ab---“ I cut her off.

         “Really, I never saw you! Were you using some kind of invisible cloak? I said kind of terrified if I am to be honest. I’d been being watched by a girl my age. Who knows how long, and she’s seen me do who-knows-what!

         “Ha-ha…some magical cloak of invisibility, hats crazy, where would I get one of those.” She said a little nervous. I looked up at her with a wide grin and wiggled my eyebrows.

         “You gonna give me the hookup or nah…” I said waiting for an answer. She waited awhile to say anything then took out a notepad from her bag and started to write something. When she was done she handed it to me and walked away to join the group. I looked at the paper she had given me. It was an address, no, directions to an old shop in the woods. It read:

Myths and Magic Workshop

Go to the Golden Bumble-Berry Bush

Turn Right

About a mile later at the Cilobrush Tree

Knock on the Tree and a door will form

You Are Where You Need to Be…


“Yes!” I said a little louder than I wanted to. Trinity came running over.

“What happened?” she said a little anxious.

“You wanna come somewhere with me tomorrow?” I said nudging her shoulder. She looked a little skeptical but she said yes and we made plans to meet at the lagoon at noon tomorrow.


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