The Meadow of Magic

I started to write this morning and came up with this, i think its enough to get me started anyway. I'll be posting on Wattpad and Movellas so check those out...same username.

In a magical land far away from here lived seven children, just turned 15. Vivian Poppel, the adventurer who will stop at nothing to find adventure throughout the land. Cherish Bleu, the kind girl who helps everyone who needs it. Briar Rose, the one whose beauty leaves everyone who meets her speechless. Ashton Sun, the one who finds opportunity in everything. Trinity Tulane, the funny one who stops at nothing to make others laugh. Lucille Daisy, the lonely one who can’t help but think of what life would be like with someone else in it. Danielle Peony, the final of the seven also the youngest, whose child-like spirit finds the kid in everyone and brings it out. These are the kids, the kids who haven’t met, the kids who will meet, who need to meet, who want to meet.


2. Chapter 2


I woke up and put on a casual outfit, a poppy-red crop top and a pair of high-waisted shorts with a pair of black converse. I walked down the hall said goodbye to my father and grabbed my bag as I walked out the door. I ran to the forest and sat on a rock for about one minute. I used this time to scope out the area and make sure no one was watching me as I walked into the forest and turned around and started running until I was in far enough to not be seen. I walked the rest of the way.

 I was about to turn the corner into the meadow when I heard footsteps. Crap! I thought to myself, I guess I didn’t check good enough, I looked around the tree to see a girl, a girl wearing white, a girl of the rose village. She was beautiful, she had brown hair, and green eyes. The stopped where she was too, I was about to step away from my hiding spot and introduce myself when I heard another sound I looked to my left, another girl, this time wearing a baby blue kind of color, obviously not of the bluebell village. I heard another sound out of the forest came 2 girls, not of the same village, they seemed to be friends, but the villages didn’t make contact with each other. One of the girls wearing pink, she was of the peony village, and the other wearing light yellow, of the daisy village. A girl wearing light pink cam out of the forest, she was of the tulip village. Then a boy, wearing very bright yellow and brown clothing came out of the forest. He looked very familiar…he was Ashton! Ok, if the twins come out of the woods I will be so mad. My place of peace, and serenity is no longer peaceful. I decided to make the first move since everyone else was too scared.

“Hey! My name is Vivian, but people call me Viv.” I shouted loud enough for those by the small meadow to hear. They all came into the meadow slowly making their way to the center. The rose, bluebell, sunflower, peony, tulip, and daisy all came into the center meeting up with me. I was wrong about the 2 girls being friends, the looked as if the hated the thought of breathing in the same air. I asked them what each of them were called. Ashton was the first one to speak, no shock there.

“I’m Ashton.” He said confidently. The girl from the peony village started the squeal as if she was having a panic attack, she must be a fan of his. The girl from the rose village huffed she must be like me…not giving a care who he is.

“I’m Briar Rose, but you guys can call me Briar.” The girl from the rose village said shyly. One after the other, each person shared their name. Ashton wouldn’t stop staring at Briar and it was ticking me off, he was looking at her like she was some sort of dessert instead of a human being. I looked him in the eyes and told him to stop and he did, but then he started singing. Briar and I both fell back on the ground covering our ears from the boy band sound coming out of his face. We started laughing realizing how alike we were.

It was time to go, I had been there too long, it was almost 7pm and I was supposed to be home by 5pm. I told everyone bye and arranged a time to meet tomorrow. I can’t believe it…I had made friends.

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