Mixtapes & 2Am's


9. 9

Hollies P.O.V.

Peyton and I walk in and see something we both didn't expect. "Hey girls!" Ashton yells and runs and hugs us both. We hug him and just keep quiet. "did you have a nice nap?" Michael asks winking and walking up to me. "It was great" I say and he smiles. "What? What nap?" Calum asks looking confused. "Nothing" Michael says. Calum picks up a bass while Michael goes and picks up a guitar. "Wait. This is your band?" Peyton asks. "Yep, well 3/4 of it " Ashton says. "Who's the fourth?" She asks. Luke walks in past us and sets up his mic not even acknowledging we are there. "Luke?" I say. He looks up and smiles. "Oh hey" he says. "Your in the band?" I ask. "Do you not listen to the radio? Or music?" He asks raising a eyebrow. "Of course I do" I say. "You seriously don't know about us?" Calum asks. "Should we" Peyton asks crossing her arms and looking down. "Well I guess not."Michael says. "You've never heard of 5 seconds of summer ?" Luke asks. "Wait the band that toured with one direction?" Peyton asks still looking down. "Yep that's us" Ashton joins in. "Seriously? Are they asses" I ask. They all smile. "They aren't to big of asses" Luke winks. "Ok well can u guys just play so we can leave" Peyton says walking over to a couch and sitting down."fine mrs. Priss" Ashton says winking. They all grab their instruments and ash counts them down. They sing 2 songs... Heartbreak girl and voodoo doll. They were actually good.

When they finished Peyton storms off and Luke runs after her. "I think she liked it" Michael says and we all laugh.

Peyton's P.O.V.

They boys were great but I couldn't stand to be in the same room as Luke. I storm out of the room when they finish and walk to my house. "Peyton wait!" I hear lukes voice from behind me. I keep walking and go to my backyard. I lock the gate and go to a old wooden swing that is hanging from a tree. "Peyton open the gate" Luke begs but I don't budge. I pull out my phone and text Calum. "Can you tell Luke to move away from my gate" I say. "Sure thing!" He replies. I swear that guy is amazing. "seriously Peyton.... you texted cal. Just let me in I need to explain."he says . "No need to explain. Goodbye mr Hemmings have a nice day." I say trying to get him to go away.i go on Twitter and keep my head down. I hear a crashing sound and I jump. I look and see Luke walking towards me. "What the fuck? How did you get in?" I ask. "Climbed the fence. Now listen to me" he says. I roll my eyes and keep scrolling."I only dated Amanda because I thought if I did I would stop thinking about you" he says. I look up "oh yeah thinking about the bets and money you can get from me" I say. "No I don't do the bets anymore. I know I just met you and all but you are stuck in my head. " he says. "Luke face it... Your a player" I say. "I used to be. I'm not anymore. I just need you not to be mad at me anymore. I can't take not being able to talk to you!" He says pacing. "Chill. I just met you Luke what do you want... Me to have sex with you?" I roll my eyes. "Sure" he says and we both laugh a little. "Forgive me?" He asks. "Well. Since you are bleeding from jumping my fence... I will forgive you " I say. He smiles. "So wait, I have to bleed for you to forgive me?" He asks. "yep so you better hope you don't upset me again" I say joking around. "Can I kiss you?" He asks. I roll my eyes. He pulls me off the swing and pulls me to where I can feel his hot breath.he leans down a little to kiss me, it was awkward because he was so tall, "wait one sec" I say. I get on his feet and stand on my tippy toes. He smiles. "Now you can kiss me" I say. He wraps his arms around my waist and I wrap mine around his neck. He presses his lips against mine and I can feel him smile into the kiss."Peyton. Oh um. Sorry I didn't mean to... Bye" my mom says walking out and walking back into the house. Luke and I stop and both giggle and blush. He bites his lip and i get off his feet. "Mom" I say. She walk out again. "It's fine, we aren't dating or anything. He was just helping me with something" I say."oh. Yeah. Helping" she says and Luke giggles. She smiles and walks back inside. "Well I hoped I helped" he winks. He walks over to the fence and climbs it. "You could of just unlocked the fence and went out." I say. "It's more fun this way" he says. "Come on" he begs. "Fine" I say. I climb the fence and he helps me off it. "Fun right?" He asks. I roll my eyes. We walk back to Ashton's and everyone stares when we walk in. "Did y'all make up?" Hollie asks. "Or make out?" Michael asks, "both" Luke says and I slap his arm. Their eyes widen and we walk in and sit down.

Hollies P.O.V.

Finally everything is good again. No one is mad and we are all friends. "Want to go to a party tonight" Ashton asks us all. "I need to study for a test " Peyton says. "We can study there" Luke says and she blushes. "Why not" we all say. Hopefully this time we don't have another bad experience.

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