Mixtapes & 2Am's


8. 8

Hollies P.O.V.

The bell rings and all I want to do is leave. As I walk out of the classroom someone grabs my hand. I turn and see Michael." We need to work on the project." He says. "Can we do it another time?" I ask. "Come on ...please! " he begs. "Clifford I just can't do it... I'm sorry" I say pulling my hand away. I turn and feel hands on my waist. He turns me around."please" he says. "Oh gosh, fine" I say. "Ok I'll give you a lift! But we need to be done by 5 because I need to go some were a few minutes after"He says. He let's go and skips off like a little kid. "Hey there Hollie" I see Amanda approaching. "What?" I ask. "So did your hear?" She asks. "About what?" I ask. "Luke and your sister.. They kissed and all that at the party, she dumped beer on him, and now he is dating me" she says. I pin her against the lockers. "What the hell did you just say?" I ask her. "Dude let go!" She yells. I let her go. "I said I'm dating Luke now so tell your sister to back the fuck off!" She says. She flips her hair and stomps off.i have to go find Peyton.

I race through the hallways and check all her classes.. She isn't there. " hey holl who are you looking for" Luke asks coming up to me. "Ass" I yell slapping him in the face. "What was that for!" He yells. "For dating Amanda!" I yell back. "Let me explain" he says running after me as I walk off. "You can't explain. You are a ass! You kiss girls then ditch them! By girls I mean my sister. You are a filthy player Luke Hemmings and I hate you" I say turning to him and people stare but I don't care."Hollie. That's not they situation, just let me talk" he says grabbing my wrist. "You can't. Never talk to her, don't touch her and don't you ever touch me again." I yell and I pull away and storm off. I hear music and I know it's... Peyton. I walk into the music room and see her and 2 other girls watching her sing. I sit there and watch her play the guitar and sing. I didn't want to hurt her by telling , but i have too. she wouldn't care because she just met him.. Right?

Wrong. I ask the other girls to leave and tell her, suddenly tears stream down her face. "I hate him" she says. "I know, me too" I say. I hug her and she cries into my shoulder. Suddenly Ashton walks in. "Oh. Sorry I didn't know anyone was in here. You girls okay?" He asks. "It's fine and yeah we are fine" I say. Peyton wipes her tears and sits up. "Would you guys like to go to our band practice?" Ashton asks. "Your in a band?" I ask." Yeah, would you like to come listen?" He asks. Maybe watching Ashton play will make Peyton happy... Music always helps."sure" I say. He smiles. "Ok so meet me at my house in the garage at 5:30" he says, he smiles and waves and we wave back.

Peyton and I walk out and grab Sam. We start walking towards the door till is feel hands grab my waist and turn me around. "You said I could give u a lift" Michael says. " I'll take Sam and go get Georgia" Peyton says. I hand her the keys and they walk off. His hands are still on my waist. I stiffen up."oh, sorry" he says pulling his hands back. I smile. "Shall we?" He asks. "We shall" I say. He holds out his arm and I grab it and we walk out and to his car.he opens the door for me and I get in. He gets in and starts up the car. "Wait!" Luke yells running to the car. "Can I have a ride?" He asks as Michael rolls down the window. "Sure" Michael says. I keep quiet. Luke gets in the back and we all are quite. "So do we need anything from the store for our project?" He asks. "Do you have a ton of glue?" I ask. "nope, Luke do you mind if we stop at the store?" Michael asks. "No" he replies. I sign and Michael looks at me and raises his eyebrows. "You okay?" He asks me. "I'm fine" I say and Luke taps on my shoulder. I look back and see him frowning. "What?" I ask. "I didn't mean to hurt her. Amanda and I have always likes each other and when I kissed Peyton it was a friendly kiss. Amanda is so sweet and I just like her a lot" he says smiling. I couldn't hold it back. I slapped him. "Wow what the hell is with you two?" Michael asks."lukes a jerk" I say. "Hollie is a meanie" Luke groans. "Well stop fighting and just be friends" Michael says. "I rather die" I mumble. "I can arrange that" Luke mumbles loud enough for me to hear. "What are you two fighting about?" Michael asks."she doesn't like that I'm dating Amanda" Luke says crossing his arms."your dating Amanda!?" Michael yells. "Yeah... Do you hate me too now?" Luke groans. "No I don't hate you I just think you are stupid." Michael says and I smile."how am I stupid?" Luke asks. "Amanda is a devil, she pretends to be so innocent but then she breaks you down when you least expect it. And she is a ass to everyone but you" Michael says. I nod in agreement."also Don't you see what's in front of you? You have a sweet,hot,funny, adorable girl! Peyton is everything Amanda isn't! Amanda's a bitch and Peyton's a angel" Michael says. "Well.. I wouldn't say she's innocent " Luke says smirking. "Oh gosh. Just dump Amanda already" I say and he rolls his eyes. "I need proof that she is a ass." He says."you don't see her talking to people?" I ask. "Not really" he says."call her and put her on speaker Luke" Michael says. Luke grabs his phone and does as Michael says."hey babe!" She answers. Luke looks at us not knowing what to say. "Hey baby, I just called to say I love you" Luke says and Michael and I pretend to puke. "I love you too honey! I have to go but I'll talk to you soon! Bye " she says. "Bye Hun!" He says. He hangs up. "And the point of that was?" He asks."now I'll call" he says. He hands me his phone and I call. "Hey it's Michael, in driving right now " he says. I smile at what he says."what do you want fag?"she asks. "Want to talk to Hollie then?" Michael asks. "No she's a bitch too" she says. "Hi Amanda" I say. "Fuck off, bye losers!" She yells. "Bye bitch" Luke yells into the phone. "Luke?" She asks. "Fuck off Amanda, we are done" he says. I hang up. "Well that was a 3 hour terrible relationship!" I say and he rolls his eyes. "I need to apologize to Peyton" he says. " that's nice and all but she probably doesn't want to talk to you right now. Just give her time, I mean you did kiss the girl and then date a bitch the day after " Michael says. "Yeah. Okay" Luke says putting his head down.

We pull up to the store and we all go in. Suddenly girls run up to them and ask for autographs.. It was really weird. "What was that?" I ask. "Just some fans" he says. I raise a eyebrow. I guess girls think they are really hot or something.

We get our supplies then drop off Luke. He waves then we go to Michael's. He gets out and opens my door and I get out. We walk inside and go to his room. A boy with blondish brown hair is in there. "Tate get out" Michael says. The guy looks at me and smiles. "Is this your girlfriend?" He asks. "No" we both say at the same time. "Who are you then little lady?" He asks. "I'm Hollie, Michael partner for a school project" I say. He nodes. "I'm Tate as you have heard my brother yell" he says. "Brother?" I ask Michael. "I'm his older brother." Tate says. I nod. "Well nice that you two have met but get the fuck out " Michael says pushing him out. "Whatever mike, nice meeting you" he says being pushed out. Michael's shuts the door. "He seems nice" I say sitting on his bed. "He's okay" he says. He sits down Next to me and we start working on the project. We finish it surprisingly. "Want to watch tv?" He asks. I nod. I get up and grab my bag "what are you doing?" He asks. "Aren't we going to the living room? To watch tv?" I ask. "Nah we can stay up here" he says. I nod and sit down in a chair he had. "I'll sit there, take the bed" he says. "No it's fine" I say. "No. Take the bed." He says. I get up and sit on the bed and he sits in the chair. He grabs the remote and turns on how I met your mother. I slowly find myself dozing off.

I wake up and find myself still in Michael's room. I sit up and see that there is a blanket over me and no one is in the room. I get up and walk to the desk. I saw a note "hope you slept well sleepy head;) I had to go but stay however long you would like. I'll be back around 6:30! Btw: ignore Tate if he tries to talk to you " I smile and set it back down. I grab my bag and walk out. "Hello there, did you and Michael sleep together or something?" Tate asks as I walk downstairs. "No I fell asleep and he left to go somewhere. What time is it?" I ask. "5:26" he says. I nod a thank you then open the door and walk out. I totally forgot I didn't have a ride. "Need a ride?" Tate asks coming out of the house with his arms crossed. "Yes please" I say. It's not a long ride and so why not. He walks over to his car and I follow. We get in and I direct him to my house. I get out and thank him. I walk inside and Peyton is there lying on the couch.

"Amanda and Luke broke up." I say. She jumps up. "What? Why! Really?" She asks. "because she's a bitch, and yes I'm serious" I say. She smiles a little and sits back down. "I'm going to go retouch then we can go to Ashton's house to watch his band and him." I say. She nods. I go upstairs and brush my hair and retouch my makeup. I walk downstairs and Peyton is waiting. "Let's go" I say. We walk to Ashton's house and knock on the door. His mom answers." Hi girls! Are you looking for Ashton?" Anne asks. "Yes ma'am, we are here to watch him and his band practice" I say. She raises a eyebrow. "The boys are in the garage, come in and to through that door" she says pointing. "thank you" Peyton and I say. We walk in. It's a little weird.. I thought they would have a girl in the band.. I guess not.

We walk in and see something Peyton and I both didn't expect.

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