Mixtapes & 2Am's


6. 6

Hollies P.O.V.

"Hollie, where are we going?" I ask. "You'll see." I say and she rolls her eyes. She still looks pissed and I know exactly how she feels. "Why are we at Walmart?" She asks. I grab my bag and search for money. "I'll be right back." I say . I get out and lock the car.

"What did you get?" She asks as I get back in. "You'll see" I say. She rolls her eyes. We drive off and she turns on the radio. We park at our destination. "Why are we at Michaels house?" She asks. "The boys are having a sleepover tonight" I say. "And?" She asks. I pull out the Walmart bag and show her the egg carton. She smiles and I do too.we both get out with the eggs. "You first" I say. She nods. She takes a egg and smiles. "This is for making out with me!" She yells throwing it at the house. "Nice" I say. "This is for the little car trip!" I yell throwing a egg and hitting his window. Suddenly I see Ashton run outside the house. "Girls?" He asks rubbing his eyes. We run to the car. "Wait!" He yells running after us. We stop. "Hi" we say. "Can I help you?" He asks. "Really?" We ask. "Yeah I think there jerks too... Can I help?" He asks. "Sure" I say handing him a egg. "This is for stealing my sandwich!" He yells throwing it. We all laugh and throw the wrest of the eggs.

"That was fun! Let's go get more eggs!" Ashton yells. "What the fuck?" I hear someone yell. "Run!" I scream. Peyton and I run to the car and wave as Ashton as we drive off. "Fuck you!" We yell driving off. Michael runs outside And tackles Ashton. "That was so much fun!" Peyton yells. "Now let's go home and eat!" I yell. She smiles.

Michael P.O.V.

I hear a noise and I wake up. "Lads" I say shaking Luke and Calum. They wake up. "What?" Luke groans. Suddenly something hits the window " what the fuck?" I yell. We all get up and run outside and see Ashton laughing. I tackle him and Calum and Luke laugh. "What are you doing?" I ask him. "Egging your house... You hurt my friends and my sandwich so why not?" He says. I let him go and we both stand up. "Who?" I ask. "Like you don't know" he says rolling his eyes. Is he talking about Hollie? I didn't do anything... She just poured beer on me. I already got in trouble for smelling like beer... What else does she want. I don't think it was Peyton and Hollie, they seem to innocent. "Whatever. Let's just go to bed" I say. We all walk inside and Luke runs to the kitchen. "Luke what are you doing?" I ask. He goes into the pantry and pulls out toilet paper. " if they want to mess with us.. Let's mess with them" he says smirking. So maybe it way Peyton and Hollie.we all nod grabbing toilet paper and running to my car. We get in and drive to their house. We all hide then start throwing. "What the hell?" Peyton says walking out. We all stay hidden and she looks around in her penguin pajama pants and slippers. "Guys?" She asks. Ashton tries to get up but I cover his mouth and hold him down. "Ha ha very funny. You know I think we needed more toilet paper anyways.. Thank you!" She yells grabbing some and taking it inside. "Bitch" I mumble. The guys and I toilet paper there house then hurry up and get into the car. We drive off and head back to bed.

Hollies P.O.V.

"Kids!Come down! Now!" I hear a yelling. I rub my eyes and get out of bed. I run downstairs and see my mom standing outside. "What?" I ask. "Look!" She yells. I see that the entire front half of our house is covered in toilet paper. "Wow" I say. " yeah wow. You kids come help clean up. You might be late for school." My mom says. "Mom are you serious" I say. "It was probably one of your friends anyways" she says. I go out in my grinch pajama pants and start cleaning up. I groan and so does Peyton and Sam as we clean. A black car slowly drives by.. They roll down the window and I see it's the guys. They all smirk "nice pajamas" Ashton yells. "Shut up asses" Peyton yells. They exchange looks. The car stops and Ashton gets out and comes to help. "Hey I couldn't just let you guys do it alone." He says. I smile. "Ash you coming?" Michael asks. "Nah I'm helping them out. "Fine I'll help" Calum says hoping out and walking over to help us. "I guess we will help" Luke says. "No you guys can leave" I say. They frown and drive off. "Yesterday was fun" ash says. "What was yesterday?" Cal asks. "I helped them egg the house" ash says. Cals mouth drops and he smiles. "Wow!" Cal says. We all laugh. It takes a while but we get it cleaned up. Ashton and Calum go inside and sit on the couch while we go get ready. I wear jeans,a sweatshirt, and converse. I put my hair in a pony tail and do my makeup. Peyton wears denim shorts, youth group t-shirt, and sperrys. She puts her hair in a pony tail with a bun and we walk downstairs. "Let's go" I say. We all get in the car and I drive. I drop off Georgia then we head to the school. We were 1 hour late so we went Into the office to check in. We go to our classes and carry on with our day. I don't know what will happen the next time I see Michael. I was just apart of a bet so he probably doesn't even care.. So neither should I.

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