Mixtapes & 2Am's


5. 5

Hollies P.O.V.

We finally get to the party and Peyton parks. "Ready?" Sam asks. Peyton and I nod. We get out and walk to the door. The guy answers the door. "Hey looking hot! Come in!" He says and we walk in. "Don't flirt with my sisters" Sam says and I roll my eyes. I see Dana and she runs up to me. "Hey!" She yells."hi!" Peyton says hugging her. "Peyton?" She asks. Peyton nods. "Wow! You look... Hot! Like you usually dress nice but wow!" She yells. I hug Dana . "Thanks" Peyton says. "Wow!you too holl!" She says. I smile. "You look great too Dana!" Peyton says and she smiles. "Let's dance already" Sam says. Sam has always been the party type. We go to the dance floor and all start dancing and laughing. People probably thought we were drunk even though we didn't even have a drop of alcohol. "I'm going to go grab a soda" Peyton says. "Soda?" I ask. "Don't judge" she says and I laugh. "I'll come with" I say. We walk over to the bar and ask for Roy Rogers. "No beer?" I hear someone say from behind us. I turn around and see the guys. "Oh hey" I say. "Hi" They say. "So you two don't drink?" Calum asks. "Nope, remember it's illegal for us in America." Peyton says and they smile."that's how Ashton almost got arrested " Calum says. They laugh. "It was one time!" Ashton snaps and we all laugh."well would you like to try your first beer?" Michael asks. "No thanks" Peyton says. "Why not" I say and Michael smiles. Peyton gives me a glare and I ignore her. He gives me the cup that he was holding and I take a sip. It stings as it goes down my throat. It was bitter. "Ugh" I say handing it back. He smiles. "I guess you don't like it?" Michael asks. "It's alright" I say. Peyton looks at me and crosses her arms. "What?" I ask her. " I'm going to find Sam. Nice seeing you guys." She says storming off. "What's her problem?" Cal asks. " me" I say. He raises his eyebrows confused and I follow Peyton."Peyt! Wait up" I say following her. "Why did you try it?" She asks me. "Just to see if it was good, don't worry I'm not going to drink." I say. She nods . "Hug?" I ask. She rolls her eyes and hugs me. "Don't be a drunk" she whispers and we both laugh. "Now let's go find the guys and see if Luke wants to dance with you" I say. She rolls her eyes.

We walk back to the guys . "Hello again" Luke says as we come back. "Want a drink?" Michael asks me. Peyton looks at me. "Nah" I say. She smiles. My dad used to be a drunk and he would always do stupid things and so Peyton is worried I will become a drunk and do bad things too."so Luke.. Are you going to ask Peyton do dance or what?" I ask and Peyton hits me. He blushes. "Well Peyton since Luke is to shy right now would you like to dance with me?" Ashton asks and she nods. He holds out his hand and she grabs it. They walk off and lukes face turns red. "Awe is lukey jealous?" Michael says and Luke punches him in the shoulder "No! I just met her a few days ago. I don't care" Luke says crossing his arms. "Why don't you ask Hollie to dance Michael?" Luke asks. "Ok Hollie and I are friends so maybe I will." Michael says. "Hollie.. Would u like to dance?" Michael asks. "Sure" I say. He holds out his hand and I grab it.we walk to the dance floor and began to dance. I see Peyton and Ashton and they smile and bump into us. We bump them back. Michael isn't the best dancer but I didn't mind. He was gentle when he dances .. Not a complete mess. "Your a good dancer" he says. "Thanks, your not to bad yourself" I say. "Admit it.. I suck" he says and we both laugh. He twirls me then we walk back to the guys. "Your turn " he tells Luke. Luke blushes ." I swear if you don't dance with her I will" Calum says and Peyton blushes. "Luke would you like to dance" Peyton says winking at him. He smiles and takes her hand and they walk off. "Wow your sister has guts to ask first. "Yeah she's not like other girls" I say smiling at Peyton. Watching her dance with Luke and them smiling and him twirling her made me happy. Peyton's last boyfriend was a ass. He cheated on her for our cousin Allison. I could tell Peyton really likes Luke. I hope he isn't a ass and if they end up together he doesn't hurt her.

after dancing and drinking soda Sam and Dana run up to us with another girl. "Val this is Peyton and Hollie, Hollie and Peyton this is val" Dana says. "Hey" we say and she smiles. Calum looks at her and winks. She smiles at him. They walk away and I go over to Calum. "I know you like her" I say. "What? No. She's my neighbor." He says. "Cal I know you do. Just admit it" I say. He rolls his eyes and blushes. "Go ask her to dance" I say. "Fine! If you will stop pressuring me I will" he says and I laugh. He walks off and ash goes with him. Ashton asks Dana to dance and Calum asks val. "Peyton can u come with me for a second" Luke asks. "Sure" Peyton replies following him. "Does Luke use girls ? " I ask Michael. "He used to.. He's a real big lady's man. I think he likes her though. He probably took her outside to kiss her" Michael says. "What!" I yell. "What? She's not your younger sister so what's the big deal" he says. "Your right.. Do you think he is trying to kiss her?" I ask. "They are probably making out at the moment. Luke plays girls but he hasn't in a while so I'm not sure." Michael says. I'm really nervous .. What if he uses her. What will happen if he is kissing her right now. I walk away pulling Michael with me. "Dude are we seriously spying on them?" Michael asks. "yes now shut up" I say. We sneak behind a bush and then I see them. Luke has her against a wall kissing her. I look and Michael and he is smiling. I nudge him and he looks at me and try's not to laugh. "It's Luke.. What did you expect?" He asks. "What should I do?" I ask. "Nothing." He says. "Nothing?" I ask. "Do absolutely nothing. She's not your younger sister. She's smart. She won't go home with him, she will just kiss him flirt and maybe date him. She won't do it with him because she is smart. And Luke wouldn't use her for that either. He might date her for a week then dump her but she will get over it. It's one of those types of deals.. Do nothing" he says. "Oh god it's hard to do nothing" I say. "Stop being protective" he says. I hear Sams voice from behind us. "What the hell are y'all doing?" He asks sitting down next to us. "Nothing'" I say. "Are you watching them? Wait what the hell is he doing with my sister!" Sam says and I hold him back. "Dude she's older then you.. It's fine. " Michael says. "Hollie" Sam says looking at me. I grab his hand. "Chill" I say. He calms down and watches them. "Ew. He is playing with her lip ring... I can't watch. Bye sick asses " he says getting up and walking away. "He's right let's go" Michael says. "Yeah this is pretty gross" I say. "I have an idea" Michael says. "What?" I ask. He grabs my hand and drags me to his car. "What are you doing?" I ask. He opens the door and digs around and pulls out a air horn."this is why we are friends" I say and he laughs. We go back to the bush and hide. "Would u like to do the honors?" He asks. "I would love to Mr. Clifford." I say and we both smile. I grab it and then hold it down. They jump and then stop and look around. Michael burst out laughing but I tell him to shut up. Luke goes back and kisses her again. "My turn" Michael says. He grabs it and holds it down and I plug my ears. "Shit!" Luke yells and stops kissing Peyton. "What the hell?" She yells over the air horn. Luke spots Us and he runs up and grabs the air horn. "Seriously man" he says and a big smile appears on his face. "Hollie? Were you watching me?" Peyton asks walking up. "Well... Yeah" I say. "Seriously.. You bitch" she says and we all laugh. "So how was your make out session?" Michael asks. They blush. "Shut up" Luke says running after Michael using the air horn. "So how was it?" I ask Peyton while they chase each other around. "I'm not sure. It was. Fun I guess. I just don't want another cameron." She says. "I know cameron was a bitch to you. Just forget about him, so are you and Luke going to date?" I ask. "Not now" she says. "Good cause you just met him" I wink. She rolls her eyes. Michael catches Luke and holds him to the ground. " this is what you get you little daddy long leg" Michael yells using the authors in lukes ear. Luke laughs and kicks him. They wrestle and Peyton and I walk inside. "Hey " Sam says walking up to us. "Hey" we say. "Oh wow " he says. "What?" Peyton asks. "I though that he swallows your lip ring the way he was playing with it.. Guess not" Sam smirks. "Shut up... Just don't tell mom" she begs. "Whatever" we say. We go to the dance floor and the wobble came on.. Dana,cal,ash,and val join us. We start dancing and Peyton ,Sam, and I led it since we were the masters at it. Luke and Michael walk in and join. I was focused on dancing and not my surroundings until I feel someone grab my waist. It was Michael. He was dancing against me and I somehow didn't mind it. I danced along then when when it was over we all went to a table. "That was fun" Michael says. I grin. "Yeah you grinding on Hollie was entertaining to watch" cal says sarcastic. "I was not grinding on her!" Michael snaps. "Not what these pictures say" cal says holding his phone up and Showing a picture. "I'm going to kill you" Michael says. "I didn't post it... Amanda did" cal says. "That bitch" Michael says. He storms off and goes up to a brown haired girl.i see him yelling at her and pointing at me. I walk over there. "I was not doing that! I'm fucking drunk! Delete it or-" he stopped when he saw me. "Hi I'm Amanda... Michael's ex" she says shaking my hand. "Hi I'm Hollie" I say. "So Hollie has he been playing you too? If so I'm here for you" she says. "What the fuck? You broke up with me Amanda! And no I'm not even dating her! She's my friend" he says. "Not for long honey.. Just watch out." She tells me. "That's it" Michael says curling his hands into a fist but I grab his hand. "Oh gosh! I'm a girl! " she yells running off. "I let to of his hand and he moves his fingers. "Let's go" I say. We go back and the boys are laughing. "You almost punched a freaking girl?" Ashton asks cracking up. I laugh a little too." She deserves to be punched.. But I can't or I'll go to jail" he says and we all burst out laughing. "Come with me" Michael says grabbing my hand and walking me too his car.. Well actually pulling."get in" he says. I get in. "What are you doing?" I ask. " just wait. He drives a little up the street. "Ok I needed to do this" he says. "What?" I ask. He leans over and kisses me. I kiss back surprisingly. He grabs my waist and pulls me closer even though we are in a car. He reaches for my butt but I stop kissing him and slap his hand. "I-I'm sorry" he says stuttering. "Michael I don't even know you that well! Just take me back to the party" I say. He does what I say and I get out with out saying a word. He walks up to me "don't be mad at me for kissing you. I only did it because I felt like I needed too. I'm not asking you to date me I just wanted to give you a little kiss. A friendly kiss....trust me I know we just met and I don't want to date a girl I don't know anything about" he says. I smile. "Glad we agree" I say and I shove past him. I glance behind me and I can see him smiling. I go up to the others. "Where were y'all?" They asks. "No where" I say. "Making out?" Ash asks. "What? No" I say. Luke walks away over to Michael. "Luke and Michael have a thing... If they both can get a girl to make out with them before the party ends they get 20 bucks from our friend alex. They do it for every party" ash says. Peyton and I exchange looks. "Asses!" We both yell. They all laugh. "Come on" I tell Peyton. they all follow us as we go to the bar and get 2 beers. We walk up to the boys. "We wanted to say... Good kissing skills and reward you with these." We both giggle. "Thanks?" They both say grinning. Before they could grab it we dump it on there heads. And set the cups on the floor. "What the heck?" Michael yells. "Hope you like your 20 bucks!" I yell. I wrap my arm around Peyton's shoulder and she does the same to me. We grab Sam and go to the car. We get in and I drive. "I hate him" Peyton mumbles. I nod. We drive to the house and drop off Sam. "You coming?" He asks. "We will be home later" I say. He nods and goes inside. "Where are we going?" She asks. "You'll see" I say.

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