Mixtapes & 2Am's


4. 4

Hollies P.O.V.

I wake up and realize I am lying on someone...again. I see that it's Michael and I back away. I turn around and see Luke waking up. "Hi" he says. Peyton is asleep on his chest and he smiles down at her. "Hey" I say. " what time is it?" He asks me. I grab my phone "oh crap it's 6, we need to go home" I say getting up and hitting Peyton's leg, which always wakes her up. "What do you want Holl" She groans still with her eyes closed. "We need to go " I say. She looks up and her eyes widen when she sees Luke. "Um. Sorry." She says moving off of him. "It's fine" he says smirking. She grins. "Chop chop! we need to go so moms not pissed" I say. "Okay okay I'm coming" she says. Peyton always has little crushes and she is a flirt with them too... an example is Luke. When she gets up she kisses his cheek. "Bye" we both say and she waves. We walk out the door and go to my car.

"Wow" she says. "What?" I ask. "Luke.,, he is just like what I said we would find here." She giggles. "Oh gosh" I roll my eyes. "How's Michael?" She asks making kissy noises. "Don't forget we met them only two days ago." I say and she rolls her eyes. "Why can't you just like someone for once?" She asks me. "I do like people... Just not ones I just met" I say.

We get home are run inside. " girls" my mom says. We stop and turn towards her. "Yes" we both say at the same time. "How was lexis?" She asks me. "Great, we have to go get ready for school. We can talk later" I say and Peyton walks up the stairs behind me. I run to my room and put on my favorite flannel with jeans and converse. I braid my hair and put on my makeup. Peyton runs into the room still not ready."what the hell are you doing? Get ready" I say. "Look!" She says showing my her phone. "What?" I ask. "Right there!" She says pointing to lukes contact her her phone. I look at her and roll my eyes. "I didn't do that... He did!" She yells dancing around my room. "Go get ready you turd" I tell her. She runs to her room and comes back a few minutes later. Her hair was in a big bun and she had on a white crop top and a skirt that was pink and white. She had on flats that matched and makeup on.. She had pink lipstick on and it actually looked good on her."nice flannel! You should let me where it sometime" she says. "Maybe, now let's go" I say. We race downstairs and Georgia and Sam are waiting in the car honking. "We are coming!" I yell getting in. "Finally you beauty queens" Sam says and I roll my eyes.

We drop off Georgia and drive to school. I see the boys getting out of Ashton's car. "Hey Peyton, hi holl" Luke says winking at Peyton as he walks by. What a flirt." Hey ladies" Ashton says walking past and waving. He was nice. "What's up Americans" cal says chuckling and thinking he's funny. "Hi" we say. " well hello again" Michael says walking by with the other guys. "What's up clifford " I say and he grins and walk by. "They actually talked to us" Sam says and I smile. "Well they talked to Peyton and I" I say. "Hey!" Sam says punching me in the shoulder. We walk To our lockers and part ways. "Did you and Michael find a project?" Peyton asks. "Yeah we found one to do, you and Lexi?" I ask. "We agreed on one" she says and we walk I to class. We sit down in our seats and I turn towards her "so..want to do something after school?" I ask. "Aren't you going to Michael?" She asks. "I can go for 20 minutes. Sam,Georgia,you, and I should do something" I say. "That sounds fun!" She says loud enough to were people turn.a guy with blonde hair walks up to us. "Party at my house.. Hope you can come" he says handing us both a invitation. "See you there" I say and he smiles and walks back to his group. "Were going?" Peyton asks. "It will be fun! Come on Peyton lets do it" I beg. "Fine." She says rolling her eyes "it says to dress like a slut" she says reading the paper. I read it "it says to dress punk." I correct her. "Same thing. I don't have anything to wear!" She says. "I'll help you.. Just wear a crop top with something and I'll help you with your hair and all that" I say. "I don't know.. I'm not that type of person" I say. "Come on. Be that person, just for tonight" I say. "I'm only doing this for you... Is Sam coming?" She asks. "Yeah he can come.. Georgia can stay home" I say. She smiles "ok but if it has people drunk and making out then I am leaving " she says. I nod. "Ok students, so how are project going?" The teacher says walking in. We all shrug and say there good." Ok well don't forget to get with your partners and work on it. Now let's get going" he says. I try to pay attention and write notes but I find myself drawling on my paper. I feel Peyton tap me. I look back and she hands me a note. It says "hi again, it's Michael. I'm going to be busy today so can we just not work on the project until tomorrow. Give me a thumbs up if you agree, and a thumbs down if you want to work for about 20 minutes after school. -clifford" I look at him and give him a thumbs up. He nods. I tuck the note into my bag then go back to doodling.

After class I walk to my locker and switch out books. I turn around and Peyton and I start walking to our next class. I see a group of girls laughing and whispering and looking at a brown headed girl. Peyton try's to walk to them but I hold them back. "Wait until they do something before going off on them" I say. She nods angrily. I see the one of the girls foot go out and trip the girl. I run over to her and help her up and Peyton collects her books and hands her them. "You okay" I ask. "It happens everyday.. Don't worry about it." She says "well it shouldn't happen everyday. I'm Hollie, that's my sister Peyton" I say. "Dana" she says. I smile at her and she grins back. "Excuse me" Peyton was walking by and tapping on the girl who tripped hers shoulder. "Yeah?" She says turning around. "Bitch" Peyton says stepping on her toe and walking towards us. The girl grabs her toe and her mouth drops as her friends gather around her to see if she's okay. "Let's go" Peyton says walking back like nothing happened. I smile and Dana giggles. Dana was pretty... She had brown long hair and brown eyes. She has rosy cheeks and pale skin, I'm not sure why they picked on her. She wears the same style of clothes as me and she is really nice, "I have to go to my next class , thank you" she says, "see you at lunch?" I ask her. "Really? Sure!" She says smiling as big as Possible. Peyton and I walk to our next class and pretend to listen.

Later, on our way to lunch Dana comes up to us and says she will meet us there and that she has to go to her locker real quick. We nod and she runs off to her locker. "Hello ladies" Ashton says walking up to us and putting his arms around our shoulders. "Hi Ashton.." We both say rolling our eyes."ash get off them" Calum says and Ashton removes his arms. "I was just being nice" be groans and Calum laughs. "So how was your classes twins?" He asks."great but don't call us that" I say and he smiles. "Do you like that nickname peyt?" Calum asks. "Peyt? And nah I don't like it" she says and he smirks. "Your lost" Calum says and Ashton rolls his eyes. "Oh my gosh calum stop flirting " Michael says sarcastically as he walks over to us. "Shut up. We all know you and Luke are the biggest flirts" Calum says and we all laugh and Michael gives Calum a glare. "What did I miss?" Luke asks walking up to us. "Nothing" Ashton says."whatever lets just go eat" Luke says. We walk off and all sit down at a table. Sam comes up to us and sits. "Hey Sam" they all say. Sam raises his eyebrows. "Hi?" He says sitting down. Dana comes and sits down and the boys exchange looks. "What?" I ask. "Nothing" they say." I'm ash and that's Calum,Luke, Sam,and Michael" ash says. Sam smiles at them since they included him."hi I'm Dana" she says. "Nice to meet you, nice hair" Ashton says.she smiles and nods a thank you. We all eat and laugh about random things. It was actually fun. We got some bad looks but who cares.

After school Peyton, Sam, and I walk to the car. "Can I drive?" Peyton asks. "Fine" I say and she gets in. She drives us home and we tell Sam about the party on the way. "Wheres Georgia?"my mom asks as we come in. We all look at each other and laugh. "You forgot her?! Go get her!" My mom yells and we hop back I. The car and go get her. She gets in madly and we drive home, Georgia runs upstairs and we all laugh at her reaction. "Mom can we go to a party? It's at 6" I ask. "Sure!" She says looking excited. "Thanks " I say and she nods. I go upstairs and go to my bathroom. I undress and hop into the hot water. I wash my hair and body then get out and wrap myself in a towel. "What do I wear!" Peyton asks running in a closing the door. "Here sit on the bed" I say and she sits down In a Robe. Her hair was wet so I guess she took a shower too. "Ok so since it's not a dress up in a cute dress type of party I'll help you" I say. I go to my closet and shut the door and change into shorts and a red and white crop top with converse and a black jacket. "Ok so what about me?" Peyton asks as I get out. "Grab a black crop top from your closet real quick. " I say. She runs and grabs 2. I pick one for her and she goes to the bathroom and puts it on. I hand her my red and black flannel I was wearing and she puts it on(unbuttoned) so it's like a jacket. She puts on a black skirt and I hand her black converse. "Converse?" She asks. "Come on" I say. "Heels?" She asks. "That takes away the punk image and it's already hard to get you looking like that." I say. She rolls her eyes. She puts the converse on and I check and make sure I look good because she looks great. I curl my hair and she washes her face. She grabs her foundation and I grab her wrist. "Don't put it on yet...I'll help you " I say. She nods. She sits down and I start her makeup. She does her usual stuff but I put red lipstick on her. "Red ?" She asks. I nod. She looks in the mirror and smiles. She looks really pretty. She blow drys and straightens her hair and puts in her lip ring. "Beanie" I say. "No thanks" she groans. "Just a black one" I say. She shakes her head. "Fine" I groan. I grab the beanie and put it on myself."Ready?" I ask her.she nods. Sam comes out dressed actually good... In a nirvana shirt and black jeans. "Nice" he says. "Thanks, you too" i say. "who's your friend" he says looking at Peyton who is turned so he can only see her back. "Your sister" I say. His mouth drops as she turns around. "Hi.. I feel so... Bad" she says. I laugh and so does Sam. "You actually look... Like punk I guess. " he says. "Hot?" I ask. "She always looks nice but today you look even more rock I guess. And no I'm not calling you hot.. That's sick" he says and we all laugh. We all head to the car and Peyton drives.. I tell her the address and she tries to find the house. Hopefully we will arrive sometime.

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