Mixtapes & 2Am's


3. 3

Hollies P.O.V.

I wake up to my alarm. "5 more minutes" I groan. "We can't be late" I hear Peyton say. I almost forgot she was there. I open my eyes and slowly get out. " I'm going to take a shower" I say. "Me too" she says. She goes to her bathroom and I go to mine and hop into the shower. After I was done showering I wrap myself in a towel and go to my closet. I grab a blink 182 tank top and black ripped skinny jeans, I grab my white covers and go to my bathroom and get dressed. I blow dry my hair and curl it and put on a small flower crown. I do my makeup and then brush my teeth. I grab my bag and walk downstairs. I see Peyton. She is dressed in a turquoise short dress with her hair curled and her matching high heel booties(I mean the shoes btw). "Morning honey!" My dad says handing me a plate with pancakes,bacon, and eggs. I sit down and start to eat fast. "Pig" Sam says sitting next to me. He was in a flannel with jeans and sneakers, his brown hair was done how it usually was. Georgia comes down in jeans, a vest,tshirt, and converse. "Morning losers " she says and we all roll our eyes "morning" my parents say. I finish my food and put my plate in the sink. "Can I drive the car aunt Alice left us? Please!" I beg. "Well I guess you do need a ride.. Why not." My mom says. "Thank you!" I say hugging them. "Bye!" I say. "Wait for us" everyone else yells. "Oops sorry forgot about you idiots. "Peyton smirks and finishes her food and so does Sam. Georgia grabs a piece of bacon and we all go to the car.we get in and drive off. I drive to the middle school to drop off Georgia. "Good Luck!" We all says as she gets out. "Thanks ,you too." She says. She shuts the door and she walks inside greeted by 2 girls , I watch as they walk in smiling and laughing. We drive off and on to the hell hole. We park and walk in. We walk in and go to the office. "Hi" the office lady says. "Hi, we are here for our schedules" I say. "Ok what's your last names?" She asks. "Polk" we say. "Hollie,Peyton, and Sam?" She asks. We nod. "Ok here you go" she says handing us our schedules. "Thank you" we say walking out.we compare our schedules and I have mostly all my classes with Peyton. The ones I don't have with her I have with Sam. Sam is a junior and I'm a senior so it's weird we have classes together, guess that's how it works in Sydney. "Well let's go find our lockers. " I say. We walk until we find Sams, he puts up his things then we go to find Peyton and I's. Peyton's was right next to mine. We put up everything we don't need. What now?" Sam asks. "Now we go to class" I say. We all look at each other nervously. "Bye, good luck" we say to each other. Peyton and I walk to our first class. I sit in the front and Peyton sits behind me. "Well hello there" a guy says stopping by her. "Hi?" She says. "I'm jake, you?" He asks. "Peyton" she says. "Well I think we should get to know each other better" he says and she raises an eyebrow. "I don't agree" she says and his friends all look at him and laugh. He walks off embarrassed. "Nice" I say looking back at her, she smiles. Peyton always gets boys attention but she never dates any of them. Suddenly I see Michael,Luke, Calum, and Ashton walk into the room. Walking by they totally ignore us and walk to the back. Of course, just what Sam said they would do. I look back and see 3 girls walk up to them. They all sit by them and I see Michael glance my way. I look away and he so does he. "They are jerks" Peyton says. "Yep" I say biting my lip. "Oh crap." Peyton says. I look back at her. "Hm?" I ask. "I have my lip ring In, I almost forgot" she says about to take it out. "Keep it, it looks good" I say and she does what I say. Finally the teacher walks in and starts assigning projects and "teaching"

"Ok so Peyton you will be with Lexi ,Michael with Hollie,Ashton with Calum, Luke with Josh,etc" the teacher goes on. I look back and see Peyton's eyes widen. I look and see Michael, he looks back and flashes a smile.i smile back.

After class Peyton and I rush out and both stop in the hallway and just stare at each other. " want to ask for us to be partners?" I ask her. "I'm alright, I did want to get to know Lexi anyways" she says and I smile at her. We start walking again and Luke and Michael approach us we keep our heads faced forward and so did they. "Hollie, here" Michael whispers and slips me a piece of paper with his address and "meet me here at 4:30 after school -Michael clifford "we stop walking and I turn to him. "Clifford? Like the big red dog?" I smirk. "Don't call me that" he says but I could tell he wanted to laugh. I notice he lives close by. "Bye clifford the big red dog" I say and walk off. He rolls his eyes.

After all the classes And eating lunch with just Sam and Peyton I was super tired. We walked out of the school and got in the car. We drive to get Georgia and she tells us about her day the whole way to the house. Sam goes into the house and flops on the couch and watches tv. Peyton goes upstairs to call her partner and figure our their project. Georgia goes upstairs and calls her new friends. I see it 4 so I go ahead and go so I have time to find Michael's house.

I find his house and it is big. I walk to his door and he answers. "Hey Hollie" he says. " hi clifford the big red dog"I say. "Come on in" he says moving so I can come inside. "We can go up to my room" he says. "Can we stay down here?" I ask nervously. "Why not go to my room?" He asks. "Uh, I mean i guess we can." I say. We go up and enter his room. "Go ahead and take a seat. He says pointing to the bed. I sit down and he closes the door and sits down next to me. "Are you parents home?" I ask. He nods a yes. "Ok so shat are we going to do?" I ask. "We can build a Magnet?" He says. "That sounds fun, let's write ideas down" I say. "Ok... How about I Fart in different types of cups and we see which cup kept the smell by the presentation day." He says joking . I couldn't help but laugh. "Sorry" I say realizing my laugh was weird... Well to me it was. "Your sorry for laughing?" He asks."well. I guess" I say not knowing what to say. "Don't be sorry" he says. We try to come up with ideas a work for a few hours. "Why didn't you talk to me today?" I ask not knowing I said it out loud. "I'm sorry" he says. "Then why wouldn't you talk to me" I mumble thinking he wouldn't hear. "Listen, some girls have said some stupid things to me about you today and only have because your hot and make them nervous." He says. "More like hot mess" I say and he chuckles. "Your not a mess, just hot" he winks. I blush. " I should get going" I say realizing its 7. I stand up and walk towards the door. "Wait Hollie" he says and I turn. He walks closer and makes it to were my backs against the wall. "See you tomorrow?" He asks. I gulp. "Y-yeah" I say. He leans in and kisses my head. He backs up and I back away from the wall. I open the door and go downstairs and see his mom "hi. You must be Hollie." She says. "Yes ma'am" I say walking out. I walk to my car and drive home. I can't stop thinking about Michael. When I was against the wall I just wanted...kiss him. He was different around me then what I saw at school today. I only met him yesterday so I can't like him... Can I?

I arrive home and park and go inside. "Hi sweetie how did working on your project go?" My dad asks me. "Great" I say. "That's good" my mom says. Peyton walks down the stairs and gives me a glare "what are you mad about?" I ask her. "You never responded to my text? Did you get my ice cream?" And asks. "Oh sorry I forgot to check my phone, I'll go get the ice cream." I say rolling my eyes and trying to find my phone. "Oh gosh I left it there... Will you come with me to get my phone?" I ask Peyt. "Fine... As long as I get ice cream" she says. I nod and she comes down. "Let's go" she says. We go out to my car and drive to Michael's. I knock on the door. Calum answers "oh hi" he says. "Hey, I left my phone here when I was working on the project with Michael" I say. Michael comes to the door. "Oh hey come in." He says and we come in."so.. Why are you here again?" He asks. "I left my phone" I say. "Oh ok I'll go grab it one second" he says going upstairs. Luke and Ashton come down the stairs taking selfies... On my phone. "What are you guys doing?" Peyton asks. "Spamming this phone with pictures of ash and I. Want to do it with u?" He asks. "Hell yeah" she says and Luke gets a huge smile on his face. They all take pictures and I watch and laugh. "My phones going to be out of storage by the time you guys are done" I say. "Wait this is your phone?" Ashton asks. I nod laughing. "Oh shit sorry!" Ash says handing me my phone. "Thanks" I say smiling. "I couldn't find it , want to help me look?" Michael asks. "We had it" Luke says smiling still with Peyton next to him and ash. "Oh ok, that's good" he says. "Thanks guys, I'll see you tomorrow" I say. And Peyton walks over to me. "Wait, do you two want to have a movie night with us?" Michael asks. Peyton looks at me. "Why not, I'll text my mom" I say. They all smile. I text my mom and she says it's ok. "She says it's fine" I say. "Great. Come sit" Michael says and they all take a seat on the couches. I sit down and Peyton sits next to me. "What movie first?" Michael asks. "Anchorman or mean girls" Luke says. "Mean girl?" Michael asks. "It's awesome man" Luke says and we laugh. "Fine mean girls it is then." Ashton says. Peyton is sitting between Luke and I and I'm sitting between Michael and her, it's actually a little awkward.

During the movie i start to get cold. "You cold?" Michael asks. "A little but I'm okay" I say. He gets up and grabs a blanket. "Here " he says smiling and handing me the blanket. "Thanks" I say. I try to stay awake but I slowly drift off.

I wake up and find myself lying on someone. I prayed it was Peyton. I look up and see Michael sleeping and I was lying on his chest.peyton is curled up next to Luke. I roll my eyes at her and I try to move but Michael has his arm around me. I look up at him and it is really awkward. I know that Peyton and I both didn't mean to lye down on them. They probably knew but not us.since I couldn't move I just close my eyes again.i feel him move a little bit, he was probably waking up. He moves his hand and rubs my back. I slowly open my eyes again. "Hi" he says. "Hi" I say back. "What time is it?" I ask. "He grabs his phone with his free hand. "It's 1:38" he says and I rub my head. "Oh wow" I say. He smiles at me. I try to lift up but he groans. I just met him so it was really weird. I sit up and tap Peyton. She opens her eyes and looks at Luke and then sits up. "What the hell happened? " she asks. I smile at her. "Who knows. "We probably need to go. "You guys can stay here and just drive home to get ready" Michael says. " I'll text my mom." I say. I texted her saying we went by Peyton's partners lexis house and we ended up sleeping over and we will be home to get ready later. "Ok all good" I say and he smiles. I move over closer to Peyton. "What are you guys doing?" Calum says waking up and scrunching up his nose while rubbing his eyes. "Nothing" Michael says and Calum nods and falls back asleep. Michael grabs the remote and turns on the tv and he watches it as Peyton and I fall back asleep.

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