Mixtapes & 2Am's


2. 2

Hollies P.O.V.

I slowly open my eyes and see everyone else is up. "We are almost there" Sam says and I nod forgetting where we were going. Peyton was to My right eating a chocolate pudding cup. I sit back in my seat and put my music on shuffle. I look out the window and see us getting closer to the ground. I close my eyes until I feel someone shaking me. I take my headphones off and see Peyton shaking my shoulder. "Get up" she says. we stand up and walk off the plane. We go to get our luggage and then wait for my aunt since she was going to drive us to our new house. After about 10 minutes of thumb wrestling with Georgia my aunt runs up to us. She hugs us all one by one and kisses our heads. " it's so good to see you all! Now let's go to the house, we have plenty of time to catch up" she says. We walk and get into her car, which is big. I try to hide my nervousness by listening to music. I slowly doze off.

I wake up to Georgia shaking me. We get out of the car and grab our things. We take deep breathes and open the door. The house is huge, 3 stories. We all run upstairs and I notice that everything is decorated with our things and a few new things. I find my room because there is a sign that says "Hollie" on it. I open the door and set my stuff down. My room was huge! I look around and see my own balcony,bathroom,computer and desk,a walk in closet, and a huge bed. I run out and walk into Peyton's room and she runs into mine. Hers has all the things I have but is decorated way different.. Hers is girly and is filled with makeup and her closet is filled of clothes. I walk into Sams room and his is just as big and is covered with posters of bands and fits him perfectly.i go to Georgia's room and her room doesn't have a balcony but it has everything else just a little smaller, which is reasonable. We all run into the hallway and scream. "Omg it's awesome!" We yell. "It even has a pool plus a hot tub!" Sam says and we all rush downstairs. We have neighbors and a small fence but we didn't care about them seeing. Georgia sees the pool and instantly jumps in. "Georgia!" We yell. She giggles and cheers. We laugh. "Your turn" Sam says and pushes me into the deep end. I pop back up thanking god that I had waterproof makeup on."Sam!" I yell swimming to the side where he was. "Here let me help you up" he says holding out his hand. I pull him in and he hits me "ass!" He yells. "I should get going.." Peyton says. "Come on Peyt. We did it" we all beg. "Fine, at least I'm wearing waterproof makeup" she says. She take out her hair bow and slips off her heels. She takes off her sweater then takes a deep breath. "Since I'm cool I'm doing it the fun way" she says walking to the diving board. We all cheer. She gets on it and does a front flip into the water. She pops up and still looks fine. I probably look like a wreck but she just looks fine. "You should try that, it's fun" she says. I spot something in the corner of my eye. I swim to the stair and run and grab a blue pool noodle I saw in the distance. I break it into 4 pieces and throw them each one. "Let's go" I say. I hop in and we all start hitting each other with the noodle. We were actually having fun, together. "Let's do a chicken fight" Peyton yells. She gets on Sams shoulders and I lift Georgia on mine. "I'll take it easy on you" Peyton says and Georgia smirk. "I will crush you" she says and I laugh. They start hitting and pushing each other until Peyton freezes. "Oh hi" I look over and see 4 guys walking out of our house. Sam laughs at Peyton's face and throws her off his shoulders. I lift Georgia off and Peyton comes back up hitting Sam in the head. "Hi,What are you doing at our house?" Georgia asks getting out and approaching them. "Well my mum thought I should greet you since we are now neighbors, I brought my friends if that's okay" the curly haired guy says. "I'm Ashton, that's Calum,Luke, and Michael." He says holding out his hand for Georgia. "Georgia, nice to meet you" she says shaking their hands. They smile at her being soaking wet. "Well if you will excuse me I need to go change, nice meeting you lads" she says walking off and they laugh at her being sassy. My mom walks outside and sees us still in the pool just standing there. "Oh lord, get out you three. I'll go grab towels" my mom says holding in her laughter. We all look at each other and smile. Sam gets out and holds out his hand for me which I refuse just in case it was a trick he rolls his eyes. Peyton grabs his hand and he helps her up. The other guys stand there just looking down and glancing at each other. "Here you go" my mom says coming out with towels for us. "Thanks mom" we all say. "You 3 come with me, now" she says and we all burst out laughs. She rolls her eyes. She walks inside and we walk past the guys. I keep my head facing down. Peyton turns and smiles and Sam does too." Wait!" Peyton yells . "What?" Mom, Sam, and I ask. "One second" she says. She runs back outside past the boys. She grabs her sweater, hair thing, and her heels. "Ok all good" she says and the boys all giggle. "we will be right back" she says and she runs off to us. My mom takes us into her room and shuts the doors. "Ok , go change and then come introduce yourselves. One of the boys is our neighbor and he Brought his friends.. You need to make new friends so this is perfect. Also.. How was the pool?" She asks and we all smile. "Great" I say. "Ok now go" she says. We Go out of her room and upstairs. I change into new black jeans with a nirvana shirt and the same shoes. I blow dry my hair and put it in a bun. I walk out and knock on Peyton's door. "Come in if it's holl" she says. I come in. She was in denim shorts, a dark blue flowy tank that was dressy and her tan sperrys. She had already blow dried her hair and taken her lip ring out. She put in a headband and braided her hair to the side. "So" she says. "So" I say back. "Find any of them cute?" She ask. I roll my eyes. "Nope, you?" I ask. "They are all cute but that one tall blonde is pretty hot." She said and we both giggle. "Well let's go." I say. She smiles and we walk out. "Race?" Sam and Georgia ask coming up to us. We nod and smile. Peyton gets on Sams back and Georgia gets on mine. We count down then race down the stairs. We almost won until Sam cut in front of me. "Suck it!" He yells and Peyton laughs. Once they win he sets Peyton down and they high five and start dancing. Georgia and I get down and Georgia whispers something to me "get them." She says. I nod. We both run after them and they run behind the couch. The floor is still wet from us and so I almost trip while chasing them. "Kids!" I hear someone say and we turn and look and see my mom with a lady. "Hi mom... " we all say with guilty faces." Go, now" she says. We nod. "Bitch" I mumble. I see Sam grin. "Tell me about it, I don't want to meet them." Peyton says. "They are cool, I like their music " Georgia says. What music?

We approach the boys. "Hi I'm Sam these are my sisters Peyton and Hollie. you've already met Georgia." Sam says shaking their hands. "Nice to meet you all, I'm Ashton, that cal,luke, and Michael." He says. I see the boy and I have the same hair color. He shoots me a grin and I smile back. "Well I need to go call my friends. Nice meeting you guys and love your music by the way, bye." Georgia says running off. " so where did you guys move here from?" Ashton asks. "Texas" Peyton and I say at the same time. It was a little embarrassing. "Oh cool, we've been there before. It's nice" Calum says. "So how old are you all?" Ashton asks. "I'm 16 and they are 18" Sam answers for us. "Twins?" Luke asks and I see Peyton blush. "Yeah" I say. "Not identical i can see " Luke says. "Yep" Peyton says. "Boys we have to go back to the house to meet Ashton's dad ." I see a lady walk over to us "ok mum, this is Sam,Hollie, and Peyton" Ashton says introducing us." Hi! I'm Anne" she says. "Hi, nice to meet you " we all say at the same time then glare at each other. She smiles. "I'll catch you guys tomorrow at school.. Right?" Ashton asks. "Yeah for sure" i say and they all smile. "Bye" they says walking off waving. "Oh and by the way, I like you hair" Michael says turning to me. I smile and he does too. "Thanks" I say and he walks away with the other guys. "Watch they probably won't talk to us tomorrow at school " Sam says rolling his eyes. "Why do you say that?" I ask. "As you can tell, Ashton's mom forced them into saying hi and he didn't want to go alone so he invited his friends" Sam says. "Asses" I say. "Ugh and I thought that Luke was cute" Peyton says and I laugh. We walk inside and mom tells us she made us some dinner. It was already 6 since we had gotten to the house around 4:30. We sit at the table and eat the steak she made together. I totally forgot about how school would be... Hopefully I have classes with Peyton. If I don't I'm not sure what I'll do.

After eating I help my parents wash the dishes. "I'm going to bed, good night " I say kissing them both on the cheek. I walk upstairs and go I to my room. I change into Cookie Monster pajama pants along with a white tank top. I brush my teeth and hop in bed.

During the night I hear a noise. "Hello?" I ask. "Hi" I hear someone say. I reach for my lamp and see Peyton by the door. "Why are you up? It's 1" I say. "Couldn't sleep" she says. "Come on" I say. She comes over and hops into the bed with me. "I am really nervous." She says. "You'll be fine, I promise" I say. "Now Shh and go to bed" I say turning off the lamp. She faces the opposite way and we both slowly fall asleep.

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