Mixtapes & 2Am's


13. 11

Hollies P.O.V.

I feel someone shaking me and I realize that I fell asleep on the long ride to the party. "why do you always fall asleep? Does someone keep you up or something?" Calum asks. "Nope I just like sleeping" I smirk, I realize Michael's asleep and Peyton was the one shaking me. "Well we are here" She says. They all get out and I try to get out of Michael's arms which are still around me. "Michael. We are here, wake up" I shake him. "Stay with me in here" he mumbles. "No" I say and my stomach flips for some reason. He groans, "please?" He begs. "Come on let's go" I say and he unwraps his arms and I crawl out of the car. He does the same. "Let's go" Ashton says as we approach the big house. We walk inside and I see people taking shots and dancing."well this looks classy" Peyton mumbles and Luke grabs her hand and kisses it then releases it. A blonde haired tall guy walks up to me and stands close enough to wear our noses we almost touching. I back up really fast. "Want to dance ,pretty girl?" He asks and I can smell his alcohol breath. "Back up dude" Calum says. "I just was wondering if she wanted to dance.. Preferably on my bed" the guy says with a grin growing across his face. "Dude. Back the fuck up" Michael says grabbing my hand. I like this side of Michael. The sweet and protective side. "Fine man, I'll catch you later sweetie" the guy says and winks at me. Michael squeezes my hand tighter. Ashton and Calum go off to the bar and Luke and Peyton go dance. It's just Michael and I alone, now sitting on a couch.

"Would you want to maybe go with me somewhere.. Not tonight"he says awkwardly. "Sure" I say. "Not as a date though" I add. "Yeah of course. "Would you want to go maybe tomorrow" he asks. "I would love to" I say. "You guys want to play truth or dare?" Luke asks apparently drunk. "Sure" we say and join in with our group and a few other people. I hope nothing bad comes from this. At least Peyton knows now that Luke is still going to... Do it with other girls. We aren't dating them so this should be okay, right?

" I'll go first. Peyton truth or dare?" Ashton asks. "Truth" she says. "Are you a virgin?" He asks. She blushes. "Yeah, of course I am" she says. "So you don't mind if Luke isn't?" Some random red head asks."No fuck kindle.She's okay with me messing around with other girls...If we were dating she would have already have lost she virginity, but we don't like each other so that won't happen" luke says and smirks at Peyton. "Ok your turn Peyton" ash says ignoring Luke. "Ok, red head thot. Truth or dare?" She says and everyone but the red head hold in their laughter. "Excuse me... I'm kindle" she says. "Excuse me but does it look like she gives a fuck? Now just answer " I say. "dare" she says. "I dare you too die your hair pink and blue.. I found some hair dye upstairs that you could use. It's upstairs" Peyton smirks." No way" kindle yells. "Do it " we all beg. She gets up and walks upstairs to go dye her hair. "It's her turn but we will skip to Hollie" cal says. "Ok.. Luke truth or dare?" I ask. "Truth" he says. "How many girls have you screwed over?" I ask. "More than 20 to be honest" he smirks. "Ok now my turn.. Michael truth or dare" he says. "Dare" Michael replies. "I dare you to take Hollie upstairs and make her feel good." Luke grins and Michael's mouth drops along with mine. "We are leaving" Peyton says grabbing my hand, "come on you babies" a blonde says. Kindle comes back down and we all laugh at her hair and she flips Peyton off. "Ok now Michael go do it" ash says. They are all drunk.. Everything they have said they don't mean. Peyton and I are probably the only sober ones. "I'm not going to take her virginity" Michael snaps. "Don't just kiss her then... But upstairs " the blonde says. "Fine" Michael groans standing up and grabbing my hand. I stand up and go with him. We walk Into a room and just sit there. "Let's get it over with. I'm drunk so it's all good" he says and I smile. "Great. Kissing a drunk guy sounds.. Like a blast. But after this we aren't dating if that's what you think" I say. "I'm not the dating type so that's good" he says.he presses me against the wall and I feel my stomach turn. He presses his lips to mine. I kiss back and his tongue slips into my mouth and he lifts me up and wraps my legs around his torso."holl" he moans . He moves to my neck and sucks on the soft skin. He moves back up to my jawline and kisses it then up to my ear. He bites on my ear and I try not to moan. "Farther?" He asks smashing his lips onto mine again. "Mhmmm.?" Is the only think I can get out. He reaches his hand to the door and locks it. He carries me to the bed and we fall onto it. Him on top of me kissing me and holding himself up. I kiss his neck and he arches his back and moans. He slips off his shirt and keeps kissing me. I don't even know why I am doing this. He plays with my dress zipper and tries to unzip me. I grab his hands and he stops. I know he is drunk but it still gives me the shivers. He kisses my shoulders and smiles Into the kiss. His lips reach mine again and I push him off realizing what is going on. "What the hell " he asks. "Dude! You were going to fucking screw me over!" I yell. "No I was dared to kiss you and that's exactly what I did." He says. "Just put your shirt on and go downstairs, your drunk" I say. He rolls his eyes and does what I say. I follow him downstairs and everyone stares. "How was it?" Kindle asks grinning. "Fine, he pecked me on lips then we just talked." I say and she rolls her eyes. "Well that turned out boring then. " cal says and Michael and I blush. "Who's next?"

After dancing,truth or dare, talking, and getting the boys to stop drinking it was time to go. I drive as Michael and Ashton are in the back with Calum lying down on them asleep. Luke sits in the front seat with Peyton on his lap. "Well that was fun" Peyton says smirking. "Yeah. If only I didn't feel so... Dizzy" Luke groans wrapping his arms around Peyton. "Goodnight " Calum says. "Night" we all say and everyone but me falls asleep. Now I just need to drive back to Ashton's house so they can leave and Peyton and I can go to our house next door .

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