Mixtapes & 2Am's


11. 10

Hollies P.O.V.

Peyton and I go back to our house and run to our rooms. I run to my room and slam the door behind me. "Don't slam doors!" I hear my mom yell from downstairs. "Sorry!" I yell back. I run to my closet and dig through my clothes. Peyton burst into the room. "Peyton for gods sake I could have been naked. Knock!" I yell jokingly. She smiles. "I need help deciding on what to wear" she says. I grab some clothes of mine and throw them on my bed. "You help me decide and I'll help you" I smirk. "Your going to wear one of these... Things?" She asks picking up my clothes by her finger tips. I roll my eyes. "I'm going to help you, take a shower and meet me in my room when you are done." She says throwing my clothes at me and running out slamming the door. "Don't slam the door!" My mom yells. "Sorry!" She yells and I smile. I walk to my bathroom and turn on the hot shower. The mirrors fog up and I set into the hot water. "Shit" I yell as I drop my razor and cut my leg. I grab a rag and wipe the cut off. I wash my hair and body and get out. I wrap myself in a towel and open the door."oh I'm so sorr...wow" I turn and see Michael standing next to Sam on their way downstairs, Seriously! What's the you doing here clifford?" I ask, "well I was here to see if you girls wanted to eat before the party. Also Sam wanted to try to beat me at FIFA" he says. "That's nice and all but can you go the fuck downstairs? In kinda naked" I say. He looks at me and realizes I'm in only a towel, he nods and blushes. He walks down the stairs and I walk to Peyton's room. I sit on her bed as I hear a curtain open from her bathroom. She comes out in a robe. "Okay, so now let's find you a outfit" what have I gotten myself into.

After a ton of looking Peyton pulls out a black dress that is short and strapless. "I'm wearing a jacket and flat shoes" I say. "No! Wear heels. You don't know how hard it was for me to find a dress that wasn't to girly" she says. I roll my eyes. "Please" I pout. "Fine, wear your black and white converse " she groans. I run to my room and find my shoes and slide them on. I walk back and she rolls her eyes. "Makeup time! " she yells. I give her a glare but she grabs my wrist and pulls me to a chair.

After a while she lets me look in the mirror. My hair is curled and looks great, along with my makeup which is natural but pretty. "Not to bad" I say giving her a fist bump. She changes into a light pink strapless short dress with heels. She had her hair curled and makeup on. "Well Ms. Polk you sure do look pretty. Care to dance?" She asks asking in a French accent. "Why yes ma'am I would love to." I say and grab her hand. She presses play on her radio and cherry pie comes on."Oh god no" I say. "Come on!" she begs.I agree to dance to it just for this once. We get on her huge bed and take off or shoes and jump around and yell the lyrics. Suddenly the door burst open and The boys walk in with big smiles. Right as they do Peyton was in the middle of a jump I hit her with a pillow as they come in and she falls off the bed. "Shit you okay?" Luke runs over to her and she is lying on the ground laughing."oh, hi." She says as he helps her up. I get off her bed and she turns off the music. "You two look hot" ash says and we both roll our eyes. "Yeah you do!" The others agree and we blush. "Nice choice of music too" Michael winks. We both smile. "Well I'm guessing you girls are ready since you look hot. So want to go?" Luke asks. We both nod and walk downstairs. "Bye mom.bye dad. " we say. "Bye kids have fun! "They respond and Sam stomps up the stairs mad that we didn't invite him

We all pile into Ashton's car. "Wait. There isn't enough room for us all" I say. "Haven't you heard of sitting on someone's lap?" Ashton giggles. Michael smiles at me and pats on his legs. "Cal can I sit in front?" I ask. "No, the front is for Ashton and I. You sit with Luke and Michael." He smirks. Peyton gets in and rolls her eyes and sits on lukes lap. "Slut" I whisper to her as a joke. "I love you too holl" she rolls her eyes." Cal can't I just sit-" I began but Michael interrupts me by pulling me onto his lap. " just relax. I'm not going to fuck you " he says and I slap his leg at his words. "Michael stop swearing and let's just go to the party. Hold on girls" Ashton smirks. Ashton drives but is really rough and so Peyton and I keep almost falling. "Here" Michael says and he puts his arms around me so I don't bounce all around. Luke does the same for Peyton. I give him a smile and he wraps his hands around me tighter.

A/N: I'm about to update the party scene!❤️ hope you like it!

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