Mixtapes & 2Am's


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Hollies P.O.V.

"Peyton?peyton? Peyton ,get your ass in here!" I yell for my sister. "What!" She yells walking in. "Can you sit on my suitcase?" I ask. She sits down and we both try to zip it up. "Pull harder!" She yells. We keep pulling and finally it zips. "Thanks" I mumble loud enough for her to hear. "No problem. You okay?" She asks. She always knows when something wrong.. Maybe it was a twin thing. "Just pissed that we are moving" I say sitting down on the floor. "same here. But I heard there are hot boys in Sydney...Think of it...tan,tall, hot, and don't forget their accents!" She squeals and I laugh. We were born the same day and only 2 minutes apart but she still was like a younger sister...immature. " oh gosh" I say covering my head with a pillow. "You know you like it" she say and I throw the pillow at her. "Hey!" She yells. I sit up and smirk. "It's on!" She yells grabbing the pillow and tackling me. "Girls! Are you all packed?" My mom yells from downs stairs. "Yes mom" we both yell back. Peyton gets off me and helps me take my stuff downstairs. we load our things into the car and head off for a new adventure.. The airport.

Peyton and I aren't identical twins if you were wondering. When I say I have a twin people assume we are identical. We are as different as night and day. Peyton has really long blonde hair with pink ends that ends right above her butt. She has really blue eyes,dimples, rosy red cheeks,really pink lips, and she occasionally wears a lip ring but she doesn't wear it often. She dresses really girly but stylish. Her style is cute for her.. But not for me. She's kinda the innocent one. I have long hair that is naturally blonde but I dyed it lilac and I have a lip piercing and a nose piercing. I have green eyes that are pretty dull in my opinion. I have rosy cheeks like Peyton but it kinda runs in the family. My style is different than hers... Very different. Today I'm wearing a black and white 1975 shirt with black ripped skinny jeans and white high top converse. Peyton and I do have one thing in common... music is our life. Peyton sings and plays guitar and piano.I play guitar, and can sing but don't usually. I mostly listen to music. She likes a lot of the same type of stuff but our music taste is pretty different. We both have never been obsessed with bands like one direction, not that they are bad.. They just aren't our style. Peyton and I are both 18 going on 19 in a month. I have a younger brother who is 16, his name is Samuel.. But we call him Sam. I also have a younger sister that is 12 and her name is Georgia. I have both a mom and dad, my mom is a lawyer and my dad is a doctor. He got a good offer in Sydney and decided to take it.. And that's how we are here now.

"Are we there yet?" Georgia asks my parents for the 100th time. "Shut up already" Sam says and I smile. " we are about to park sweetie" my mom says. Finally we find a spot and park. We all hop out and Peyton stares at me. "What?" I ask. "Nothing, just nervous" she says. I go up to her give her a side hug. "We are gonna be fine, remember what you told me.. Cute boys." I say and she smiles. I notice she has her lip ring in."you look nice anyways" I say and he looks me up and down "you too." She says. She was wearing a short casual light blue dress with a white short sweater and matching heels that aren't very tall, and a blue bandana headband bow.she always dresses to the top. I grab my purple suitcases and she grabs her pink. We all walk inside and my dad hands over our car keys to its new owner. as he gets in I realize I forgot I left my phone in the side door. "Shit, my phone" I whisper and Peyton hears me. "Let's catch him.. He hasn't gotten far" she says. She's crazy like me and that's why we get along. She takes off her heels throws them down grabs my hand and we chase the car waving our hands. It stops and we catch up to it. He rolls down the window. "What are you girls doing?" He asks. "Sorry sir but my sister here left her phone... Also could you give us a lift back because I'm to tired after all that running" Peyton says and I smile. He smiles and nods. We get in and I grab my phone. "Thanks" I tell her and she smiles. He drives us back,Which wasn't far at all, and Peyton puts her shoes back on after picking them up off the ground. "Ok let's go" I say and my parents give me a glare and look at each other and grin.

We walk in and put our luggage up. We find our seats. I sit between Peyton and Sam and they both fall asleep and rest there heads on my shoulders. I put on my beats and turn on spotify. This is all going to be new.. New school,new time zone, new house,new people, and maybe a new me.

Authors note: hey guys! Don't worry I'm still writing forever, but I'm also going to be working on this one. I hope you like it!

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