My Hero ♡

Andie Maria Scott is a beautiful 17 year old girl. She never thought anything could ever happen to her wonderful life. She has lots of friends, a boyfriend who is the quarterback on the football team, and a wonderful mother. Everything was about to change for her. As her nightmare became a reality. Read to find out more!


13. The Story Unfolds.


A N D I E ' S  P O V:


As I walk up the courthouse steps, a rush of nervousness went through me. Luke must've noticed me tense up and he grabbed my hand and held it in his own. Michael, Calum, and Ashton followed behind us.


 "Is this going to take long? I've got video games to play." Michael said to try and lighten the mood.


 I look back and smile.


 "Okay guys, when we get questioned, tell the truth. Don't put on some heroic act." Ashton said.


 Everyone nods their heads in agreement. We walk inside and sit down in the quiet waiting room. As I sit, I look at the guys, who surprisingly look professional, unlike their usual band shirts and black skinny jeans.


 I start fiddling with my hair and then my fingers, out of nervousness. Luke put his hand on my leg to try and calm me down. I look into his eyes and I put my hand on top of his. We all just sat there in complete silence until someone called us in.


Each side was to be questioned individually. So Josh was already questioned.


 We all stand up and walk through the wooden, double doors. Luke, Calum, Ashton, Michael, and I sit on one side, along with my lawyer. On the other side was Josh's lawyer, who looked very prepared. This made me even more nervous.


I was called up to be questioned first. I sit down in the chair next to the judge and said my oath.


"Tell us everything that happened that day Ms. Scott." The judge told me.


"Well, I went to school and Josh told me to meet him in the library because he had something to tell me. When we met up he broke up with me. I yelled at him an then gave him the finger. For the rest of the day I ignored him, until last period when he tried to talk to me. He walked over and my boyfriend Luke jumped in before he could get the chance. When I looked for him, he was gone. I assumed he was angry with me for hugging and talking to Luke.


After school I drove home to find Josh's car in my driveway. I didn't see him in his car so I went to unlock my house front door and it was already unlocked. I walk in to find Josh in my living room. He talked to me like the break up never even happened. Then he came over to hug me, and when he did, he wouldn't let go. He was squeezing me with all of his strength. Then Luke came inside my house and broke us apart. When Josh was leaving he said "who's the slut now?"


Then I went to Luke's band practice. I had a few beers. Next thing I knew I was walking down the street and then I got pinned up against a brick wall by Josh. He started touching me, sexually, and I tried to make him stop, but he was too strong. Then Luke and Michael came and got him off of me. Luke carried me to his car while Michael defended himself. Then I guess they drove me to the hospital." I say feeling upset, from the bad memories.


"Thank you Ms. Scott. You may now question her Mr. Smithers." The judge said to Josh's lawyer.


Josh's lawyer then walked over to question me.


"So, Ms. Scott, you said Mr. Hudson ended your relationship with you?" He asked.


"Y-yes." I said, stuttering.


"And you took it hard?" He asked.


"Yes, I suppose." I said.


"Who's to say that the break up was too much for you handle? Maybe you were so upset you drank until you passed out. While you were drunk you could've dreamt of the attack. When you passed out, that's how your wounds were caused." He said, almost convincing me.


"No, I remember…" I was cut off by Josh's lawyer.


"No more further questions." He said.


I then stood up to sit down next to Luke. I was nearly in tears, because I thought the judge was convinced too. My lawyer then stood up to give his testament.


"Your honor, these assumptions by Mr. Smithers are at fault!" He said, making me relieved that he was my back up.


"Mr. Hudson was obviously very angry with Ms. Scott's reactions to the break up, not to mention her interactions with Mr. Hemmings. Seeing these actions made by Ms. Scott this gave a great amount of rage inside of Mr. Hudson. To get rid of this rage Mr. Hudson assaulted Ms. Scott in her home and in town. I have no more, your honor." My lawyer said, making me feel a lot better.


"Next for questioning is Mr. Lucas Hemmings." The judge said.


Luke got up walked over to the chair, said his oath, then sat down. This time the judge asked the questions. Michael scooted over to me and held my hand (as friends).


"Mr. Hemmings," the judge started, "were Ms. Scott and you dating before this break up?"


"No! I wanted to date her, but I knew she had a boyfriend." Luke said while looking at me.


"How did you know Josh was at Ms. Scott's house?" He asked.


"We drive the same route to go home. I live a block away and when I saw his car in her driveway I turned around to make sure everything was okay." Luke said.


"How did you know Ms. Scott was in distress while this 'hug' occurred?" The judge asked.


"She was trying very hard to get away from him. I couldn't just watch it all go down." Luke said.


I felt myself tearing up and Mickey squeezed my hand slightly.


"While Ms. Scott was intoxicated, why did you go back to get your car?" He asked.


"She had walked a long distance, and she was practically falling in and out of sleep. We couldn't have carried her all the way back home." Luke said.


"Alright that is all Mr. Hemmings." The judge said.


"Now calling Mr. Michael Clifford for questioning."


Michael stood up and walked over to the chair. He said his oath and his questions were then followed.


"Mr. Clifford, did you drink any alcohol the night of Ms. Scott's attack?" The judge asked.


"No, I did not, your honor." Michael said.


"Why did you go with Mr. Hemmings to search for Ms. Scott?"


"I was the one who saw her leave, so I yelled for Luke to come and help me get her inside." Michael said.


"What were you doing while Mr. Hemmings carried Ms. Scott to his car?" The judge asked.


"I was defending myself from Josh.  After he saw that Luke and I were there, he got really angry and started punching me. So I fought back." Michael responded.


"Is that what caused the fracture and bruising in your hand?" The judge asked.


"Yes, your honor." Michael said.


"Okay, no more further questions for Mr. Clifford." The judge said.


After Michael's questions followed Ashton's, then Calum's. Their questions were mostly the same and they answered them truthfully.


"Okay, I have come to a conclusion..." The judge said. A giant rush of anxiety and nervousness came through me as I waited for the answer that would determine whether or not I went to jail. "...Ms. Scott, Mr. Hemmings, Mr. Clifford, Mr. Irwin, Mr. Hood you are... not guilty. Mr. Hudson is guilty and is sentenced back to jail." The judge said.


Luke picked me up and kissed me hard on my lips.


"I told you, we would be okay." Luke whispered into my ear.


I kissed him back and then he set me down.


The guys and I all group hugged in excitement. Afterwards we went out for a nice dinner.


N O T E S:

I tried writing this chapter three times and it kept deleting. So I'm sorry if it's kinda boring and not what you were expecting! I was getting very frustrated so I winged it. Anyways tell me whether or not you liked this chapter. (P.S. Thank you guys so much for all the reads, likes, comments, and favorites!)













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