My Hero ♡

Andie Maria Scott is a beautiful 17 year old girl. She never thought anything could ever happen to her wonderful life. She has lots of friends, a boyfriend who is the quarterback on the football team, and a wonderful mother. Everything was about to change for her. As her nightmare became a reality. Read to find out more!


8. Sharp Pains.


A N D I E ' S  P O V:

I wake up to that sharp pain again. It's not as bad as it was yesterday, i think that means my wounds are healing. I look over to my right and see my mom sleeping on the sofa near the mini fridge. On my left Luke sits, slumped down in his chair sleeping.


I stir around trying not to wake them, trying to get myself comfortable. I reach over for the tv remote and turn on the television. I flip through the channels and pass the news, hearing my name as I went by. I turned it back and started watching. As I watched I could hear Luke fidgeting around trying to get comfortable. I was watching tv and barely noticed that Luke woke up.


"Oh, my neck!" Luke said in a raspy voice.


"You didn't have to stay all night!" I say trying to sound sweet.


"I know, but I love you." He said mumbling.


"I love you too!" I say clearly.


My mom starts to stir around. She gets up, being her flawless self, and asks if we wanted anything for breakfast. I shake my head, no, and Luke does the same. She walks out the room to the cafeteria.


"Shhhhhhhhh!" I say to Luke even though he wasn't talking.


I can hear him smirk from my shushing.


We started watching the news again.


"In just a few days, we are going to have the trial between Andie Jones and Joshua Hudson. Joshua Hudson is current being held in the county jail." The news reporter said.


I looked at Luke and he looked back at me.


"Luke, I'm not ready for this!" I say a little shaky.


Luke leans over, kisses me on my cheek, then hugs me tightly.


"Ow!" I say as I arch my body to the side, rubbing my side.


"Oh my god Andie! I'm so sorry, I forgot!" He says to me with worry in his eyes.


"It's okay, you didn't mean it!" I say while he wraps his arms around me and rubs my side, easing the pain.


We keep listening to the news for a while. Then my mom walks in with a bowl of yogurt and fruit. Luke must've noticed me starring at her food.


"You want some of that, don't you?" He asks


I nod my head and smile.


"I'll go get you some." He says to me sweetly.


I am so lucky to have someone like him!


N O T E S:

I know this is a really short chapter, but I haven't updated in a while. So I wanted to give you something! Anyways I've been really caught up in school lately, so that's why I've been slow on updating. I'm going to try my best to update as much as I can!

What's going to happen with the trial?

Are they going to win?

Is Josh going to get out of jail?

P.S. I really appreciate all the reads, likes, comments and favorites! Thanks guys! :)


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