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Andie Maria Scott is a beautiful 17 year old girl. She never thought anything could ever happen to her wonderful life. She has lots of friends, a boyfriend who is the quarterback on the football team, and a wonderful mother. Everything was about to change for her. As her nightmare became a reality. Read to find out more!


18. Rage.


A N D I E ' S  P O V:

When we got to Maccas, we ordered, then sat in a huge booth for the six of us. I sat on the end and Luke was next to me.


I eyed my way around the restaurant and noticed some familiar faces... the jocks; Josh's stupid football friends. They were looking at me and laughing.


"I'm gonna go to the bathroom. Be right back..." I say, my voice trailing off, as I stared at them.


As I walked to the bathroom I felt someone following me. I slowly turn around and notice it was Luke.


"Hey, you okay?" He asked me with concern.


"No, they're here." I said as I glanced over to them.


Luke looked over to where I was looking and realized who I was talking about.


"Hey, if they try anything, I'll say something." Luke said as he kissed my lips, softly.


I nod my head and we headed back over to the booth.


This time I sat in the inside of the booth and Luke got the outside. As I rested my head on Luke's shoulder Michael asked,


"You alright, Andie?"


I simply nod.


"No your not, what's up?" Michael asks.


I sit up and slightly lean over the table. "The jocks are here." I say, moving my eyes towards their direction.


Michael looks over as well as Calum, Ashton, and Skylar.


"I'm sorry Andie, I didn't know they'd be here." Skylar says with guilt written on her face.


"It's fine Skylar, lets just make the best of this." I say with a small smile.


Luke and Ashton stand up to go and get our food, leaving us in he booth.


When they return, Luke has a tray in each hand and Ashton only has one tray.


"Wow, thanks Mr. Macho." I say to Luke with a chuckle.


"Hey, I helped!" Ashton said with puppy dog eyes.


"Yes and you did a very good job!" I say in a kids voice to Ashton.


We all just laugh and eat our food. As I ate, I kept hearing more and more laughs. I look up and I get hit with a french fry.


Suddenly all the sadness inside of me, turned into rage.


"Luke, move!" I say as I threw my food down.


"Woah, woah, woah, Andie, calm down! What's wrong?" Luke asked.


"They're still fucking laughing at me and they are throwing food at me!" I say with my face red from anger.


"Stay here!" Luke said to me.


Luke stood up and walked over to the jocks' table, obviously not too happy from their behavior. Luke sits down and their table and starts to talk to them, none of us hearing a word they were saying. Luke then stands up and forcefully pushes the chair in from anger.


He walks back over and sits down like nothing happened.


"Dude, what did you say?" Ashton asked.


"Nothing too important." Luke said calmly.


I look back over and see that the jock's had left.


L U K E ' S  P O V:

 After Andie told me they threw food at her, I completely lost it.


"Stay here!" I said to Andie a little mean.


I stood up and walked over to the jocks' table and sat down.


"You guys think your so funny after pulling that stunt on my girlfriend?" I said with anger in my voice.


"Yeah a little." One of them spoke up.


"If you think your so funny, then meet me outside the school parking lot at 7, sharp!" I say then stand up and slammed the chair back into the table.


I calmly walk back over to our booth and sit down.


"Dude, what did you say?" Ashton asked me.


"Nothing too important." I say as I go back to eating my food.


After that it was pretty much awkward silence but a few talks here and there.


"Skylar we can take you home... if you want." Michael said with a smile. I think Michael has a thing for Skylar.


Skylar looked over at Andie. Andie nodded, then Skylar followed the guys to Ashton's car.


"Bye guys!" Andie yelled as she waved.


They waved back and we got into my car.


As we sat there in my car, Andie spoke up.


"Thanks for doing that for me." She said starring out the window.


"Anything for you! I'm sorry I was kind of a jerk back there." I said as I grabbed her hand.


She looked over to me and smiled.


"Just don't get too into this... I don't want anyone getting hurt." Andie said to me with sad eyes.


"I won't." I say as I lean over and kiss her passionately on the lips.


After that I started my car and drove her home.


I pulled into her driveway and got out to open her door. After, I walked her to her front door and kissed her goodnight.


"I wish you could stay tonight." Andie said intertwining our fingers together.


"I know me too, but we have school tomorrow, and you've had a long day." I say as I grab her waist. "Get some rest."


"Yeah I'm actually pretty tired." She said as I leaned in for another goodnight kiss.


During our little kissing session on her front porch, the porch light flicked on, signaling her mom was home and knew what we were doing.


"The one night she's not working late." Andie said while laughing.


I chuckled and finally said good night and waited for her to go inside.


As I got in my car, I checked the time. It was 6:45. Remembering the conversation I had with the jocks, I had to get going.


As I sped down the roads to the high school, I then parked my car and met up with them.


As I stood there, outnumbered by the three jocks standing before me, I held down my balled up fists. By now I was well full of rage and temper. I stood there waiting for one of them to make the first punch, and then finally it happened.


One of them practically threw themselves at me trying to knock me down, but I moved out of the way. He then stands up and throws a punch, I duck and he misses. I then elbow him hard in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him.


The second one attacked me from behind and held me in a choke hold. The third one kicked my stomach, leaving me breathless. Thrashing my fists everywhere, trying to punch someone or anything in reach, I manage to squirm my way out of his hold and get a few feet away.


The jock that was on the ground kicked my foot, having me land on the hard concrete.


"You see, this is what you get for messing with us." One of the jocks said as he walked over to me.


He kicked my sides repeatedly until I finally had enough. One of the jocks finally stood me up and another one gave me one last punch on the side of my cheek. After that, they all ran back to their car and sped away, leaving me on the ground, again.


As I looked up at the fresh stars in the sky, still laying on the ground, I was really regretting my decision.


Maybe I should've left this alone, like Andie said.


N O T E S:

Yay! I finally updated! Hope you guys liked this chapter! And if any of you were wondering, yes I did change the book cover. I didn't like the old one, it didn't seem appealing to me. Let me know if you like the new one or the old one better!

(Goal: 530 reads, 80 likes, 115 favorites, 40 fans, more comments!)

-Mikayla :)





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