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Andie Maria Scott is a beautiful 17 year old girl. She never thought anything could ever happen to her wonderful life. She has lots of friends, a boyfriend who is the quarterback on the football team, and a wonderful mother. Everything was about to change for her. As her nightmare became a reality. Read to find out more!


20. Pale Faces And Blood Shot Eyes.

L U K E ' S P O V:

As soon as Andie got in her car and drove away, that was when reality hit me and I was really regretting my decision.

Although, I'll admit, I was a bit prudish and hostile towards her, but I was only trying to do what I thought was right.

The way everyone has been treating her lately, is really making me enraged with fury. It's just not fair, she gets hurt by one person, then many others follow and do the same.


Once I arrived at school, I received many stares because of the giant black and blue mark on my cheek.

As I made my way through the crowded courtyard, I finally found the guys.

They had questionable looks on their faces when I approached them.

"Okay, I guess I'll ask, what happened to your face, mate?" Ashton asked, the guys not taking their eyes off of my hideous bruise.

"Remember when we were at Macca's and I went and had a conversation with the jocks?"

They all nodded their heads.

"Well, I set up a fight that night and got the shit beat out of me. Not only do I have this bruise on my face, but they're all down my sides."

"Did you tell Andie?!" Michael asked concerned.

"Yeah, but she didn't take it too well."

"Well, what did she say?" Calum spoke up.

"She yelled at me and we got into an argument. I tried to talk to her about it on the way to school, but she ended up taking her own car. And I haven't talked to her since."

"I'm sorry, lad." Ashton said.

I nodded my head.

"We'll help in any way we can." Michael exclaimed.

"Yeah, we're not losing Andie!" Cal said, raising his eyebrows.

"I just hope this blows over. I cannot lose her because of this stupid ass mistake I made."


I attempted to try and speak with Andie several times, but failed to do so. I just really need her to know that I'm still here.


When lunch came around, the guys and I sat where we normally sit, in the courtyard, at the picnic table, under the tall oak tree. Andie and Skylar didn't sit with us like they normally do, instead they sat a few tables down from us.

"We need to do something! We can't just sit here and wait for her to come around!" Michael blurted out.

"Well there's nothing we can do. We can't force her to forgive me." I say, playing with my food.

I wanted to go over, sit down, and talk to her about this, but she wouldn't listen to me.


Once the end of the day aroused, i headed to my locker with Calum.

As I shut my locker door, I noticed Andie striding into the guidance office.

What was she going into the guidance office for?

"Hey Cal, did you see that?" I asked, hitting the side of his shoulder.

"See what?"

"Andie, she just walked into the guidance office. Do you think she's okay?"

"I don't know. She probably upset about the fight last night and the one you two had this morning, so maybe she's going to talk to the counselor?" Calum said, unsure of his response.

"I wish she would just talk to me, or at least one of you guys!" I say, frustrated.


A N D I E ' S P O V:

For the rest of the day, I didn't even speak to Luke. He tried to talk to me several times, but I completely avoided him.

He gave me occasional looks of 'I'm sorry', but they gradually changed to an 'I'm not even going to try' look.

And the rumors that have been going around about me have pretty much stopped. Although, my old friends aren't exactly talking to me, but I honestly don't care.

To get Luke off of my mind, I finished up more of my missed tests and quizzes, which made my bruised, cut up hand sore as hell.

I'm more focused on keeping my grades up and graduating.

Graduating is my biggest priority right now.


When lunch came about, Skylar and I sat alone in the courtyard.

We just talked about the whole fight between Luke and I. Even though didn't want to talk about it, I did it anyways.

I want Skylar to know she's still a big part of my life, even though I've been with the guys most of the time.


During the end of my last period class, Physics, my teacher, Mr. Reynolds, got a call from the guidance counselor.

"Ms. Scott, you're wanted in the guidance office after class." Mr. Reynolds said as he pushed up his thick, black glasses.

I nod in comprehension.

The time passed fairly quickly, and when the bell rang, I gathered up all of my work and headed straight for the guidance office.

As I winded my way through the crowded hallway, I passed Luke, getting books and what-not out of his locker, talking with Calum. I could see Luke glance at me when I reached for the door handle of the guidance office.

As I entered, I was greeted by the young, perky, counselor, Ms. Emmons.

"Please sit down Ms. Scott." She said with a smile.

Honestly, I was a bit nervous of what she was about to tell me. I never have to come in here unless it's important.

As she rested her elbows on her desk, and put the pads of her fingers together, she smiled and sucked in a deep breath.

"As you already know," she started, "your grades these past semesters have been outstanding. You having the highest grade in your class, and with graduation coming up, you're going to be your senior valedictorian!"

When I heard these words, I was shocked and speechless. My hard work has payed off!

"T-thank you so much! This is a huge honor!" I exclaimed as my words shuddered a bit.

"You earned it. Your hard work and determination is what got you here. Congratulations on your accomplishment!" She said as she scooted her way around her desk to give me a hand shake, then surprised me by engulfing me in a hug.

"With all of the troubles you've been having lately, you really deserve this sweetie! I'm really proud of you!" She said in a low voice.

"I'm literally speechless! Thank you again!" I said as I made my way for the door.

"Make sure you get started on that graduation speech!"

"I will!" I said as I headed out the door for the hallway. "Thanks again!"

"Anytime, hun!"

As I walked down the lifeless, quiet hallway, with crumpled up pieces of paper scattered here and there, all I could do was smile. With my stomach in knots from my excitement. I did a happy dance, and made a little squeal escape my mouth.

I made my way out of the exit doors to the student car park. There were only two cars.

Mine and... Luke's?

Luke's car was parked only three spaces away from mine. I was hoping Luke wasn't in his car, only to figure out, he was.

Was he waiting for me?

I approached my car, hopped in, and slowly glared out the side of my window to see if Luke had noticed me walk out.

He mustn't have been waiting for me. He was just sitting there, his elbows rested on the steering wheel, with his head in his hands.

He must've heard my car door shut, because he lifted his head and went completely pale. It looked like he had been crying.

Once he noticed that I saw him, he instantly looked away and wiped his blood shot eyes.

I felt terrible. I made Luke Hemmings; not only my 'boyfriend', but he's also my best friend, cry.

I leaned back in my seat so I couldn't see him and he couldn't see me.

I was debating whether or not to go and talk to him.

Once I finally got the guts, I made up my mind to finally talk to him.

I opened up my car door and went to step out, only to find Luke and his car nowhere to be found.

After ignoring him all day, then finally getting the guts to speak to him, I ruin it. I ruined my chance to fix this.

Feeling all of these mixed emotions and thinking of all of the scenarios I could've done, made me extremely frustrated.

I slammed my hands against the steering wheel, repeatedly, and ran my fingers through my hair, harshly.


L U K E ' S P O V:

I sat in the car park, trying to hold it all in, but I finally broke down.

I let out all of my anger and frustration, by punching, and slamming my hands on the dashboard. I rested my head in my hands to try and calm myself down.

As I was thinking this all through, I heard a car door slam. I glance over and notice it was Andie.

"Shit!" I said to myself, quietly.

I immediately looked away and wiped my eyes, trying to make it look like I wasn't crying.

As I glanced out of my window once more to check if she was still staring at me, she wasn't.

I forced myself not to get out of my car and fix this myself, but I understand she needs time, and I'll respect that.

So I pulled out of the car park before I did something I was going to regret even more.


Once I reached home, I slowly trudged my way to my bedroom.

I got dressed into my sweatpants, then plopped myself on my bed. Snuggling into the blankets that still had the scent of Andie's sweet perfume.

God, I miss her. The scent of her on my blankets is almost comforting, but it still hurts. I feel the exact same way when I found out my mum left.

I just laid there, balling my eyes out, clutching onto my phone, hoping she'd call.


After thinking and thinking, lyrics popped into my head. Then more and more kept coming and flowing perfectly. I had to write these out. So I grabbed my laptop and guitar and got to work.


A N D I E ' S P O V:

I reached my house and could barely get out of my car, thinking Luke didn't care. By the time I got in my house, I broke down.

With my mom not being home, I ran upstairs, nearly tripping from my water-filled eyes, and slammed my bedroom door shut.

I dressed myself in Luke's old sweatpants and t-shirt, that still smelled like him, and laid in my bed, hoping he'd call.


After what felt like hours of crying, I heard a knock on my front door. I didn't bother to answer it, knowing it was the mailman or something.

"Andie I know you're in there!" Calum yelled to me from outside.

I still didn't answer. I was not moving from my bed.

After thinking he had left, I heard a faint knock on my bedroom door.

"Andie, it's Calum... Can I come in?"

"Go away." I said with no emotion.

"Please? I just wanna talk." He said as he slightly cracked my door open.

I grumbled, then gave in.

With my back facing Cal, I could hear his foot steps approach my bed, then he sat down.

"Are you okay?" He asked as he put his hand on my shoulder.

"Yeah." I said, sniffling.

"No you're not, Andie." He said as he laid down with his back against my headboard and his feet crossed.

I wiped my eyes, and turned to face him.

"I know. But Luke is. It just hurts Cal! It really hurts!" I spat.

Calum's face turned to a shocked expression.

"Andie, you have it all wrong. Luke is not okay. He's a mess. He thinks you're perfectly fine without him!"

"But... I thought..." I was then cut off by Calum.

"Andie, you two obviously really like each other and cannot stand to be apart."

"Cal, I don't want to lose him. Will you talk to him for me?" I ask a little tense.

"Sure, anything for my BFFL!" He said, making me giggle.

"Thanks Cal." I said as I slightly sat up and hugged him tightly. "You're a great friend!"

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