My Hero ♡

Andie Maria Scott is a beautiful 17 year old girl. She never thought anything could ever happen to her wonderful life. She has lots of friends, a boyfriend who is the quarterback on the football team, and a wonderful mother. Everything was about to change for her. As her nightmare became a reality. Read to find out more!


17. Exposed.


A N D I E ' S  P O V:

I sat there in Luke's lap, while he rocked both of us back and forth. I didn't want this to ever end, Luke and I, alone together.


"I love you so god damn much, Andie!" Luke said as he removed himself from me, looking into my eyes.


"I love you too, Lucas!" I said as I embraced him once more, tightly.


After we let go I grabbed my phone to check the time. It was 3:42. I told Skylar we'd pick her up around 4ish and my doctors appointment was at 4:30.


*To Skylar : Hey, be over to pick you up in a few minutes :)*


*From Skylar : Okay! Do you think we could go out to dinner after? :D*


*To Skylar : I don't see why not!* 


"We have to get going." I said to Luke.


"Oh yeah, I almost forgot about your appointment!" Luke said as he got up to grab his car keys.


I grabbed my stuff and followed Luke out his front door. He walked over to the passenger side of his car and opened my door, as usual.


"Thank you, sir." I say and hop in.


I hear him smile from my comment and then he jogs over to the drivers side. He gets in and starts the car up. Then he blasts some music, which makes me feel peppy.


I start to sing along to "Miss Jackson" by Panic At The Disco. Shortly after we arrived at Skylar's house. As we waited for Skylar to come out Luke said,


"Oh by the way, the guys are coming to your appointment."


I sarcastically grunt, then laugh.


"Oh by the way," I say mimicking Luke's deep voice, "we're going out to dinner after."


Luke mimic's my grunt, sarcastically.


We both laugh together making us laugh even more.


Skylar then walks out of her house and approaches the car. She hops in the backseat.


"Bonjour, peoples!" She says then shuts the car door behind her.


"Hey, Skylar!" Luke says as I turn around and smile at her.


Luke backs out of her driveway and I turn the music back on. Now all three of us are singing at the top of our lungs to all different songs. We sang to Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco, Blink 182, Green Day, you name it! Then one of the guys' songs came on.


"Woah, whats this band?" Skylar asks.


"This is Luke's, Michael's, Ashton's, and Calum's band. They're called 5 Seconds Of Summer, or 5SOS for short!" I say back.


"Wow, really Luke? I didn't think being in a band was your thing!" Skylar said to Luke.


"Yeah, we've been a band since year 11!" Luke exclaims.


"Dude, that's bad ass!" Skylar says with enthusiasm. "Crank this up!"


I do so and blare the music throughout the car. A few songs later we arrived at the hospital. Luke pulls into the parking lot and parks next to Ashton's car. The guy's are waiting outside Ashton's car and we all hop out.


Luke grabs my hand as we walk towards the hospital front doors. I slow down to let the others get a distance from Luke and I.


"What's wrong?" Luke asked concerned.


"I guess I'm a little squeamish," I say with my stomach in knots, "I haven't had the greatest experiences in hospitals." I say.


"Everything's going to be okay!" Luke says as he intertwines our fingers even more.


I look up at him and smile. Luke leans down and kisses my forehead, making me blush.


Luke opens the front hospital door for me and I walk up to the front desk next to Michael.


"Name?" The front desk lady asked Michael.


"Michael Clifford." He replied.


The front desk lady typed some stuff into her computer.


"Just fill out this paperwork and the doctor will be right with you." She said as she handed Michael a clipboard.


I looked at Michael, furrowing my eyebrows in confusion. 'Why is Michael checking in?' is all I could think. Michael lifted his right hand up showing me his stitched up knuckles. Wow, I can't believe I forgot Michael fought off Josh so Luke could carry me away. I then nod my head to show I understand.


I check in and receive a clipboard with paperwork on it. I fill it out, barely knowing what to put down, then hand it back to the front desk lady. Michael does the same shortly after.


What seemed like hours of waiting, Michael gets called in. Ashton, Calum, and Skylar followed Michael, and Luke stayed with me.


"Ms. Scott, please come with me." A young nurse said, with short brown hair, holding a clipboard. I'm pretty sure she's pregnant.


"You want me in the room with you?" Luke asked me.


"Yes, defiantly!" I say as I grab his hand and follow the nurse.


She leads us to a private, white walled room, which smelled of hand sanitizer.


"Have a seat on the chair, Ms. Scott." She says to me with a smile.


I do so and sit down, Luke pulls a chair next to me and holds my hand in both of his.


There was a little bit of awkward silence as she read through my chart.


"So, how far along are you?" I ask the nurse, trying to end the awkwardness.


"Oh, 28 weeks!" She replied with surprise.


"Do you know what your having?" I ask hesitantly.


"Its a boy." She said as she caressed her belly with one hand.


"Awe, congratulations!" I say smiling.


I turn to face Luke and see he's smiling as well.


Seconds later, the doctor walks in, with a stethoscope around his neck. How cliché. He sits down in the swivel chair that was in the corner of the room.


"And who are you?" The doctor asked as he held out his hand for a shake.


"Luke, Luke Hemmings." Luke said as he shook the doctors hand.


"I'm guessing your the boyfriend?" The doctor asked.


"Yes, sir." Luke replied.


I love how polite Luke is! Josh was always an ass to adults. Always had to be the 'bad boy'.


"Alright Ms. Scott, lets have a look at those stitches." The doctor said, taking my mind off of Josh.


I remove my shirt, exposing me in my bra. Luke, obviously uncomfortable, along with me, squeezed my hand. The doctor then inspects my stitches.


"I see you've been taking care of them. They're clean, still tied, so that's good. Since they're all healed up, we can take them out!" The doctor said.


The doctor then swivels over to the counter where he keeps all of his scissors. He grabs a small pair and swivels back over to me.


"Alright, now don't move!" He says as he lines up the tiny scissors between my healed cut and the thread.


I look away, frightened, and Luke rubs big circles on my back. The doctor cuts and removes the scissors, then starts to unwind the stitching. It felt funny and made me giggle.


The doctor took out the rest of the stitches and then prescribed me with some cream to make the scarring go away.


I put my shirt back on and head towards the waiting room. The guys and Skylar were sitting there waiting for us to return.


"So, Michael, let me see that hand." I say.


Michael shows me his hand, stitch less, a little scarred up.


"I'm so sorry Michael!" I say as I hug him.


"Hey, its not your fault!" He exclaims. "Lets see yours!"


I slightly lift my shirt exposing some, but not all my scars.


"Sick!" Michael said with a big smile.


I roll my eyes from his comment then giggle.


"So, anyone up for some Maccas?" Skylar asks.


We all agree and head to Maccas for dinner.


N O T E S:

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated in a while, like 3 or 4 days. Thank you so much for all the reads, comments, favorites, and likes! Like seriously, I love you guys! I reached my goal!

(Goal: 500 reads, 80 likes, 110 favorites, 40 fans, and more comments!)

P.s. I'm thinking about changing the cover of the book, so if its different, its still the same book!



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