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Andie Maria Scott is a beautiful 17 year old girl. She never thought anything could ever happen to her wonderful life. She has lots of friends, a boyfriend who is the quarterback on the football team, and a wonderful mother. Everything was about to change for her. As her nightmare became a reality. Read to find out more!


7. Cuts, Bruises and Stitches.


A N D I E ' S  P O V:


I'm dizzy and I feel funny. I'm walking down a dark road, but I can't seem to remember why. I stop and look around me to see if anything looks familiar. It's so dark I can barely see anything. I see some old shops. How did I get into town?


I hear footsteps walking toward me. I start walking a little faster than the footsteps near me. They get to the same speed and I start fast walking, they do the same. I start to jog now I hear them sprinting towards me. I turn around and feel someone grab me from behind and pull me into a dark alley.



Guessing from the persons size and strength he was a guy. I look at his face but it's all blurry. I try to scream and fight back but I am too weak and tired. I try punching, hitting, kicking, but I didn't compare to his strength. He pins me up against a wall and starts feeling me up and down. I moan telling him to stop, but he wouldn't.


Suddenly I hear footsteps, multiple footsteps, running towards me. I turn my head towards them, but they're blurry. One of the runners push my attacker off me, making me fall to the ground hitting my head on the pavement, and the other one helps me up and carries me away. I can hear faint punching and groaning coming from the alley.


Whoever was carrying me, put me in the back seat of their car and got in the drivers seat. I can hear him call the cops and tell them what happened. He looks back and me and says,


"It's going to be okay Andie, I promise."


The other guy that saved me got in the passenger seat. All that I could see of him was his bright red hair. The driver had blond hair, but for some reason I have no idea who they are. I feel like I know them, but I can't remember. Then, everything goes black.




I wake up to the sound of something beeping and with someone's arms around me. I try to escape from their grip without waking him. I feel him tighten his arms around me. Hurting my right side. I realize I am in a hospital room.


I have a massive headache and a pain in my right side. I turn around and see Luke awaken, and smile at me. I try to get up but Luke tells me to try and be still. I barely remember what happened last night.


I ignore what he said and I try to stand up, he races to my side and grabs my hands to give me a boost. I walk over to the full length mirror and look at my face. I have a butterfly bandage on my forehead and a cut splitting my lip. I pull up my shirt, which wasn't mine, revealing cuts and bruises all up my right side. Some of them were stitched up. I touch them gently, which still made me flinch from the pain. Luke stands next to me looking at me through the mirror.


"What happened to me?" I say as I feel tears forming in my eyes.


"You don't remember what happened last night?" Luke asks me.


I explain to him that I was in town but didn't know why, and this guy came and attacked me, and these two guys came and saved me.


After I explain, Luke explains in more detail what happened.


"You got drunk, real bad! You started crying and telling me how you weren't good enough for me and how you were a mess. You ran out of the house, stumbling, while Michael and I tried to get you back in the house. You refused, so we ran back and got in my car and drove to you. By the time we got to you, you were in town and someone was attacking you. Michael and I ran over to you. I push the guy off of you and you fell on the ground, causing your bruises. I carried to to my car while Michael beat the hell out of that guy!" Luke said to me, seriously.


"Did you see who the guy was?" I asked.


"Yes, but I don't think your ready to know who it was." Luke told me.


"No, Luke I need to know!" I say raising my voice.


"Alright," Luke says, "it was Josh. We called the cops on him and he was arrested last night."


"Where's my mom?" I ask.


"She went home to get you some stuff." Luke said as he kissed my forehead.


"You hungry?" Luke asks me.


I nod my head and Luke gives me some frozen yogurt that he pulled out of the little fridge in the corner of the room. I eat it and it soothes my throat. I turn to face Luke and hug him for what seemed like minutes.


"Thank you, for saving me." I say sweetly, while holding onto my head that was in pain.


"Where's Michael?!" I ask worriedly.


"It's okay, he's in the care center, getting his hand bandaged. He should be almost done."


Just after Luke said that, stood tall, red headed Michael in the doorway. I walk over, limping a bit, and hugged him.


"I'm so sorry you guys." I say trying to hold back my tears.


They both hug me.


"We're just glad your safe." Michael says to me.


Moments later Calum and Ashton walk in. Calum looks at me with the saddest face and Ashton stood there brushing his hair out of his face. They both walk over and hug me, bring back that sharp pain. I arch my side and they must've noticed I was in pain, and let go.


I walk over to the hospital bed and lay down, cause I was getting tired from standing, making my side hurt. The guys pull up chairs next to my bed and talked about what happens next.


"It's not over yet." Luke said sadly.


"W-what do you mean?!" I asked while stuttering.


"Well we still have to go to court and explain why all of this could've happened." Luke said to me.


Just as I thought my life couldn't have gotten worse, this has to happen.


N O T E S:

Wow! I hope you guys really liked this chapter! I did!

Is Andie going to be okay?

How are they going to take being in court?

Are they going to win the trial?




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