My Hero ♡

Andie Maria Scott is a beautiful 17 year old girl. She never thought anything could ever happen to her wonderful life. She has lots of friends, a boyfriend who is the quarterback on the football team, and a wonderful mother. Everything was about to change for her. As her nightmare became a reality. Read to find out more!


11. Chills.


A N D I E ' S  P O V:


Luke invited me over to his house to watch the guys' band practice and to play video games.


My mom likes Luke, so she lets me go over to his house. I grab my bag with my phone charger and stuff in it, then grab my car and house keys.


"Mom, I'm leaving!" I yell.


"What time are you going to be home?!" She yells back.


"I don't know, I'll text you!" I yell.


"Okay, have fun!" She says.


I walk out the door unlocking my car. As I reach for the handle on my car I hear Luke call my name.


"Hey, I thought I should come over and get you." Luke said to me.


"Oh, I was just going to take my car. But it's a beautiful day to walk!" I say.


"Yeah beautiful, just like you!" He says back sweetly.


I can feel my cheeks turn a bright red color.


"Awe, who's blushing?" Luke asks.


I nudge him playfully while smiling at him. He leans over and kisses me on my lips and I kiss back.


When we get to his house the guys are already there. We walk in the front door and the guys are sitting on the couch playing Fifa. They look at Luke then me. They spring up and rush over to hug me.


"Your alive!" Calum says happily.


"Calum you saw me in the hospital, remember!" I say back playfully.


"But we haven't seen you since!" Ashton says.


"And Michael, I'm loving the new hair color! Lavender?" I ask.


"Yeah, I wanted to try something different!" He says back.


"Well I like it!" I say.


"What're we waiting for, let's play some FIFA!" Luke yells.


Calum throws Luke and I controllers and I sit in Luke's lap while we play.



About after an hour later Ashton says,


"We still have band practice guys!"


"Oh yeah…" Michael said.


We go down to the basement and I watch them practice. After about a half an hour the guys took a five minute break and Michael had a drink in his hand. I guess we weren't looking where we were going and he spilled it all down the front of me.


I made my mouth into an "o" shape, then it formed into a smile.


"Oh, my, God, Andie I'm so sorry!" Michael said with big eyes.


I then bursted out laughing.


"It's okay Michael! You didn't mean it!" I said while laughing.


The other guys joined in with my laughter and then Michael did too.


"Andie if you want you can go upstairs and shower." Luke said to me.


I nod my head and walk upstairs while laughing.


When I reached Luke's room I went into his bathroom that connected to his room. I grabbed a towel and a wash cloth, then started the shower. I turned around and closed the door. Then I stripped down and got in the shower, closing the curtain.


The warm water sent chills through me. When I got used to the water, I heard the door creek open. I peeked my head out of the curtain and look into the bathroom. No one was there. I ignored it and went back to my shower.


Then someone put their hand over my mouth, and then let go while chuckling.




"Sorry babe, I got lonely!" He said with a big smile on his face.


There we were, both naked in the shower looking at each other. I turn around and grab his old spice shampoo and out some in his hand, then mine. We both scrubbed our hair and laughed.


When we were nearly finished washing up, Luke smashed his lips onto mine.


"Sorry babe, couldn't help myself." Luke said while smirking.


I then grab the back of his neck to pull him down to my height and kissed him passionately. A cold tingle went through me from his lip ring.


"Sorry babe, neither could I!" I say while smiling into the kiss.


I tug on his hair making him moan into my mouth. He then wraps his arms around my waist and then slowly snakes his hand up to my breast. Massaging it in one hand while I smooth my fingers through his wet hair.


"Wait, what about the guys?" I asked concerned.


"They left." He said with a smirk.


After that we had a heated make out session for about another 5 minutes. Then we got out of the shower. Luke grabbed a towel for himself and wrapped it around his waist, then he grabbed the towel I had for myself and wrapped it around me.


We walk out of the bathroom and Luke walks over to his closet.


"Uh, Luke!" I say.


Luke gave me a confused look then realized what I meant.


He walked over to his dresser and grabbed a t-shirt and some sweatpants.


"The sweatpants are too small on me, so they might fit you." He said to me with a smile.


I walk back into the bathroom and grab my bra and underwear. Then I go back into Luke's room. He's halfway dressed now. I take my towel off and he bites his lip.


"What? You like what you see?" I say while putting my underwear on.


Luke's cheeks turn pink and he smiles, then nods.


After we get dressed Luke puts my clothes in the washer.


"You hungry?" Luke asks me.


"Yeah, kind of." I say.


We walk to the kitchen and Luke pulls out a frozen pepperoni pizza. He looks at me and I nod in approval. He puts it in the oven and I look at the time on the microwave, it's 8:45 p.m.


We walk over to the couch while we wait for the pizza to get done. I put my legs over Luke's lap and lean on him. Luke turns on the tv and he passes the news.


"Wait hold on, go back to that." I tell Luke.


He turns it back and it's a segment on me.


"Tomorrow is the trial of Andie Jones against Joshua Hudson." The news lady said.


"Ugh, I almost forgot." I say as I looked up at Luke.


He turns the channel and we started watching some comedy shows. Then 10 minutes later the oven beeped.


Luke got up and grabbed both of us some pizza. After I ate it, I must've passed out on Luke's chest. I woke up in his arms, carrying me. He set me down on his bed and covered me with a blanket. Then he crawled in next to me.


"I love you Andie Maria." Luke whispered to me.


"I love you too Lucas Robert." I said back.


Then we fell asleep in each other's arms.


N O T E S:

Hope you liked this chapter! I made it extra long! And Luke made a "sexual" move, finally!


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