My Hero ♡

Andie Maria Scott is a beautiful 17 year old girl. She never thought anything could ever happen to her wonderful life. She has lots of friends, a boyfriend who is the quarterback on the football team, and a wonderful mother. Everything was about to change for her. As her nightmare became a reality. Read to find out more!


6. Buzzed.


A N D I E ' S  P O V:

I wake up to someone's arms around my waist. I turn over and I see Luke awake, starring at me with his crystal blue eyes.


"You fell asleep," Luke starts, "and I didn't want to wake you."


"What time is it?" I say while yawning.


"About 5 o'clock." Luke says


I get up and walk over to my dresser, look in the mirror and fix my hair, from my bed head. Luke walks over to me, puts his head on my shoulder, and stares at us both through the mirror.


"You see that?" Luke says to me.


"See what?" I ask him


"A very good looking couple!" Luke says to me trying to be funny.


I let out a small chuckle.


"You want anything to eat?" I ask Luke.


"Sure I could eat something." He replies.


I walk down stairs, Luke behind me, and go to my kitchen. I open up the cupboards to reveal some snacks.


"Grab whatever you want." I say


He grabs some bread and Vegemite. He pops the bread in the toaster. When the bread dings he pushes down the lever and the toast flies almost 2 feet in the air. Luke catches them and throws them down on the counter.


"H-h-hot!" He says in a slightly loud tone.


"Awe, did Lukey get a "boo-boo"?" I say sounding babyish.


Luke nods his head, while pouting his bottom lip. I take his hand in mine and kiss it, making him lose his pout.


After we eat, we sit down and watch a little tv before we leave for Luke's band practice. We watch some Australian comedy shows for about 15 mins, then get ready to leave. I grab my bag and put on my shoes.


"Are you spending the night?" Luke says to me motioning towards my bag.


"No, I don't think my mom would approve." I say to him, smiling.


I leave a note for my mom that says "went out to my friends house, be back later. Love, Andie."


I grab my phone and my keys and walk out the front door with Luke. He runs over to the passenger side of his car and opened the door for me.


"Why, thank you, sir!" I say happily.


"Your welcome ma-lady." He says to me sweetly.


Luke gets in the drivers seat, buckles up, as do I, and starts the car. It was only a 20 sec car ride because he lived so close to me. We pull in the driveway and their are 3 other cars in the driveway. I'm guessing the guys all drove here by themselves.


When we walk in the front door. Ashton, Michael, and Calum were playing Call of Duty. They look up from their game and come over to greet me.


"ANDIE!" They all yell in excitement.


"We just ordered a pizza!" Michael said.


"Pepperoni?" Luke asked.


"You know it, mate!" Michael replied.


After we all head down to the basement, that's where they kept their equipment. I sit down on the couch next to their instruments. Moments later, Ash walks about 10 feet in front of their equipment, and sets his phone up on an amp.


"Hey, Andie? When the lads and I are ready, can you push the record button so we can post this on our YouTube channel?


"Sure." I say as I nod my head.


I kneel down by the amp, waiting for my queue.


Calum walks over to a mini fridge and grabs a beer.


"Want one?" He asks me, noticing i was watching him.


"Uh, sure, I guess." I wasn't much of a drinker, but I've had a few different stuff.


Calum opens it for me, and I take a sip, nearly choking on it. He chuckles and walks over to his bass. Luke shortly walks in.


"Andie, you don't have to drink that if you don't want to." Luke says to me.


"I know, I wanted one." I reply to Luke's suggestion, making him have a surprised look on his face.


Luke walks over to his guitar, so does Michael. Ashton goes to the back to his drums.


"Okay, Andie, go!" Ash says to me.


I click the record button and the video starts.


"Hello were 5 seconds of summer…" Michael says as he was cut off by Calum.


"…and this is our terrible band!" Calum says and everyone laughs, including me.


"Oh yeah, and Luke has a new girlfriend!" Ashton says and they all look at me.


"C'mon up here!" Luke says to me, waving for me to come over.


I walk over to Luke, wave and say,


"Hi, I'm Andie."


Luke then puts a kiss on my cheek and I walk back over to the couch to sit down.


"Awe, c'mon, no PDA!" The guys tease us.


Shortly after they started singing "Teenage Dirtbag", "Heartbreak Girl", "Out of my Limit", and a bunch more. Before I knew it I was throwing and throwing back drink after drink. And trust me I was buzzed.


N O T E S:

I hope you guys liked this chapter! This morning when I woke up I had over 80 reads! I wanted to thank you guys for that!

How's Andie going to feel when she wakes up in the morning? (probably pretty awful!)

Keep reading for more!







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