Friends And Alibies

Danielle runs away from an orphanage in Australia to find new friends new issues and new paths never taken before including new love from a boy she just met and old love from a boy back in high school


1. The Beginning

It's been 3 years. 3 miserable years I've been stuck in this shit whole. I was in my so called 'room' with 4 other girls younger then me. It was late at night so they were all asleep. For the past 2 months I've been planing to leave this place. Start fresh on my own. And tonight was the night to do that. I waited until all of the light were out in the building. Then I waited another hour just in cause. I kept telling myself I shouldn't do this. But then saying I should. So after thinking it over I finally got up and walked over to a window that was shut from the outside so nobody could get in or out. But over the 2 months I was planning to leave I was slowing pulling it apart with my finger nails I unscrewed the screws. All of the screws where out I just had to push it now. So I took a deep breath looking at all of the kids I was leaving. And looked back at the window. I pushed it out and went over to the bed closest to the window and climbed out of the building. It felt amazing. The fresh smell of the forest right behind the orphanage and the grass in between my toes when I was standing there trying to take it in but then a light shined on me "What are you doing out of your room?" it was Matt the owner if the orphanage. I looked at him for a second and just ran. Ran straight for the forest and didn't look back. "Hey!" He yelled chasing after me after about 5 minutes I lost him. And I was lost too. I looked up and found the moon I could see the bright light of the full moon. I followed the moon light and by the time I could no longer see the moon I sat on the group of the forest floor. I had no idea what to do. I look like a poor person no shoes barley a shirt and barley pants my hair looks like I just got out of a twister. Then I cried. I had nothing else to do but cry. I didn't know what I was doing I just wanted to get out. I slowly fell asleep on a tree stump still crying.

Hi guys! I wrote this story on my Wattpad too. So check it out! Just search the title of the story, it's the same name too.

I hope you guys enjoy it!

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