My other half

Angel was an ordinary teen; went to parties, got good grades, but there was just one thing that made her special. She didn't believe in true love. But what happens when she meets a blonde haired, blue eyed boy?


1. Prologue

People always ask me why I'm afraid of falling in love. I've always avoided that question. It's not that I'm afraid of it. It's that I've seen far too many Tv shows and movies with the same ending, over and over again. These taught me that the plot doesn't really matter, because there are only three outcomes; one that is the outcome 90% of the world gets, another which is almost impossible to get, and the last one will happen eventually.

Love is inevitable. Should it be true love or lust, you will always cross paths with it. I believe that there are only few that will ever have an everlasting relationship. Love that will never wither. A person that will always stick by you and never hurt you or leave you for an eternity. No matter what happens. They'll stick to you and annoy you as much as they shall live.

I'm sure everyone has a person that they're meant to be with. Life is just to test whether you will cherish them while you can. This is just life's quizzing us. To see if we're truly good or not.

My name is Angel. I'm still seeking for my other half.

A/N Hey guys! This is the first ever fanfic I've ever written so, yeah. Please comment down below if I should continue on :) Thank you

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