Dear diary,

Dear diary,

This is my life story.


2. page two

12-02-2014, 4:57 am.

Dear diary,

Today was the fourth day of school, it was boring as always but the only thing that wasn't was that boy, he was seated infront of me, i've learned that his name was Niels. I could get a better look of him since he was right infront of me. He has brown hair styled into a quiff, a stong jawline, and the most beautiful eyes. god, his eyes have to be the most beautiful colour i've every seen, it's light-green and it changes into a icy blue, depends on his mood, his skin is white as snow and he has a deep raspy voice. He is deffinently the most beautiful human being i've ever seen. I couldn't get him out of my mind since the day that i've seen him.

it didn't took me long to realize that he has me wrapped around his finger.


Bye diary,


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