Dear diary,

Dear diary,

This is my life story.


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9-01-2014 , 2:26 am.


Dear diary,

It's almost morning. I've been sleeping bad for two weeks straight, i usually fall asleep at 5 am and wake up at 2 pm. My head feels heavy and sore and i have no idea why. School just started. Yay..

Today was a new beginning, new start, new school year, new kids, new changes.

When i walked into my new class i quikly roamed through the kids to find familiar faces. I saw my friends seated in the back of the class which i joined. I looked at my new classmates and reconized some kids who i saw at lunchbreak a few times, i also saw one boy who really caught my attention. first thing to come in my mind was ' holy shit he's hot as fuck.' yes, he did looked like that kind of boy you should stay away from, yes he did looked like that kind of boy that would get drunk and high every day. yes, he did looked like that kind of boy that would fuck every girl that comes in his way. yes, i did knew that i was slowly falling for him.

i've always said that i didnt believed in 'love at first sight' but i do now.


Bye diary,


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