Once In A Blue Moon

This story is about a girl named Breanna who runs into her favorite boy band, they think she is cool and all agree to take her along with them on one of their tours, but what the boys and Breanna don't know is that one of the boys and Breanna love eachother but are to scared to tell one another go along with Breanna , Zayne, Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and everyone else sit back and read Once In A Blue Moon


2. The trip with the grandparents

Breanna *POV*

So I started to get packed to go on a trip with my grandparents. I had no idea where we were going because my grandmother would not tell me and I didn't know what to pack so I called my grandmother to ask her.



"hello" I hear my grandmother say

  "hello it is I your loving grandchild" I say

  " haha loving you are funny" I hear my grandmother say

 " Rude"  I tell her

"I'm just kidding sweetheart. What do u need?" my grandmother replied

" I need to know what type of clothes to pack for our trip" I say

" Oh don't worry I will take you shopping when we get there and then we can throw out those nasty clothes you have"

" I happen to love my clothes grandmother"

"Whatever you say sweetie I need to go now see u around 3"

"okay goodbye"

As I was packing my things I heard a knock at the door. I opened it and it was my best friend I told her to come in and help me get packed. When I was all packed I went and looked at the time and the clock said 5:30pm. OH MY GOD WHERE IS THAT STUPID OLD LADY WE ARE GOING TO MISS THE PLANE!?!?!?!? Just then I heard a knock on the door. It was my grandmother she told me to hurry up and get in the car.

Gandmother's  *POV*

I cannot believe that she wore that disgusting outfit in public. I have to tell her where we are going so she can get something okay to wear at the airport.


Breanna *POV*

We got the airport and my grandmother yelled at me "HA get back in the car this was all just a joke"

I looked at her and started to cry. In that moment she looked at me as said "It is something a million times better.

I looked up and One Direction was standing right in front of me, I jumped up and gave my grandma a huge hug.When I saw Niall we locked eyes and we didn't stop looking at eachother for about 2 minutes then we all got into my grandma's car and went to my house. We hung out, ate burgers, watched scary movies, sang, talked and just told eachother about ourselves. Then right before they had to leave they asked if they could talk alone for a minute I said "ofcourse" and walked out of the room. When they were done talking they asked me to come  back in  because they had to ask me something. They asked me if I wanted to go on tour with them I screamed at the top of my lungs YES!!!! Niall then jumped up and yelled "I knew she would say yes." We all started to laugh and I was really happy!




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