Once In A Blue Moon

This story is about a girl named Breanna who runs into her favorite boy band, they think she is cool and all agree to take her along with them on one of their tours, but what the boys and Breanna don't know is that one of the boys and Breanna love eachother but are to scared to tell one another go along with Breanna , Zayne, Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and everyone else sit back and read Once In A Blue Moon


3. The feelings start to grow and everything became surreal

 Nialls *POV*

  The minute I saw her I knew right away she was the most beautiful girl ever and I had to make her mine. But I am scared what if she doesn't like me back and everything will be akward, I don't want that because that we ruin it for all of us not just me but that beautiful lady who I am in love with. I got the courage to go up to her when we were getting ready to start the concert and tried to tell her that I want to take her on a date. "Hey Breanna can I talk to you" I ask her. " Sure what's up?" she says with that beautiful voice. As soon as I was going to ask her if she wanted to go on a date with me Harry turned on his microphone and started yelling in to it. Then I tried asking her again and every time I would get stopped because of something.


Breannas *POV*

Niall came up to me and tried to ask me something.... I wonder if he was trying to ask me out, but I doubt it because how would someone so hot like him want to go out with someone like me? I was talking to Liam about the beds on the tour bus when Harry ran up to me and said " Hey Breanna I know a secret that you don't know" he said really immaturely"Harry grow up and tell me" I said very mother like "Fine but you can't tell anyone" "I promise I will not tell anyone Harry" "I have a crush on you" he said   "Oh well Harry that is very sweet but I have my eyes on someone else" I said "I know I was kidding I know you like Niall I know that he likes you but what my secret really is, is that I think I have a crush on Louis and you are the only one I trust" Harry said " WAIT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME THAT NIALL LIKES ME" I said really excited "yeah that's what he told me" "HOLY CRAP" I started to scream I ran up to Niall and told him I needed to talk to him. We went somewhere so nobody could hear us and I told him I like him too. But we promised no matter what that we would keep it a secret we both promised...... just when I thought my life couldn't get better it did.


Niall *POV* I can't believe that I was dating her I am the luckiest guy ever I am dating the hottest girl I have ever seen and she is super sweet and loves me for who I am not because of my money or because I am in One Direction, she loves me for me she truly does and it means so much to me.

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