Once In A Blue Moon

This story is about a girl named Breanna who runs into her favorite boy band, they think she is cool and all agree to take her along with them on one of their tours, but what the boys and Breanna don't know is that one of the boys and Breanna love eachother but are to scared to tell one another go along with Breanna , Zayne, Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and everyone else sit back and read Once In A Blue Moon


1. Hi i'm Breanna

Breanna  *POV*


    Hi I'm Breanna I am 19 and I live in America. My favorite band is One Direction and my favorite boy from One Direction is Niall Horan. I know I know most people would think that 19 is to old to love a boy band but I don't care I am who I am. But back to business, for Christmas my best friend got me One Direction tickets, a back stage pass, and won me a day with One Direction. She is the best person in the world and she is like my sister.


   I can't wait for the day where I get to meet Niall Horan I have been dreaming for this day for so long. I just don't know if I can wait 3 weeks intil I get to see them. I'm sure the time will go by super fast because for 2 weeks I am going to my grandparents and we are going on a trip and then when I get home I am going to my best friends house for a whole week and we are going to visit some friends that live out of town than after that me and my best friend are going to fly 100 miles to the One Direction concert, get a hotel room, get ready, go to the concert, than we are going to spend the night because the next day I am going to have a day with One Direction. I am so excited that this is all I can talk about and all I have talked about for 3 weeks. I live all by myself in a condo with big windows and plenty of noises to keep me up at night . 

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