Once In A Blue Moon

This story is about a girl named Breanna who runs into her favorite boy band, they think she is cool and all agree to take her along with them on one of their tours, but what the boys and Breanna don't know is that one of the boys and Breanna love eachother but are to scared to tell one another go along with Breanna , Zayne, Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and everyone else sit back and read Once In A Blue Moon


5. Feeling bad

Breanna *POV*

"I feel really bad for putting Liam through this i think we both need to go say sorry for everything we have done to him and maybe we should tell the rest of the boys that we are dating I hate keeping it a secret" I say to Niall. "No I don't care how much you want to tell them I don't want them to know" he says very seriously." Why do you want to keep it from the people that you care the most about I truly think you should tell them"  There was a very long pause between us and then I said "and what if Liam told them already" " I know Liam he would never tell anyone anything he knows I don't want them to know so just stop we are not telling the guys about us dating okay I don't want to talk about it any longer!" I ran off crying because I didn't know what to say and I knew he was running after me. On the way from his dressing room to mine all of the boys saw me crying and saw Niall running after me worried, maybe we got in the fight for a reason, maybe fate wanted the boys to know that we were dating maybe, just maybe. After I got to the dressing room I had for no reason Niall came in slamming the door and asking me if I was okay. I told him i was fine, and in that moment his firm arms were rapped around me and i didn't want him to let me go at all ever. I just wanted to stand there forever in his arms.


Nialls *POV*

As I was holding her and saying sorry for yelling at her seeing the tears fall down her cheeks mad the tears fall down mine also and I was planning on holding her forever but then Harry, Louis, Zayne,and Liam all walked in and Liam said"not a secret anymore now is it" I then replied as fast as I could come up with it "no she found out her cat died and I thought she needed a hug" Than why are you crying?" Zayne asked. "I don't know" "Niall stop lieing we are dating and i love him and you guys need to deal with that because I will not break up with him just because of you guys!" Breanna said angryly.


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