What happens when Sydney meets Harry? Read to find out


4. chapter 4

The next day was a Saturday so I decided to go get coffee at the cafe 2 blocks away. I wake up and do my normal routine, I showered, blow dried my hair, put on some makeup using natural colors and some mascara. And since I felt like shit I just put on sweats and a tank top with my white converse and my hair in a messy bun.

I grabbed my wallet and phone and headed out.

I jogged to the cafe to get some exercise. When I got there an ordered and waited, once my order was ready I took it and sat down in an empty table. I took out my phone and realized that Harry gave me his number yesterday, I took out my wallet because I had put the piece of paper with his number on it.

I started texting him

S: um hey

He immediately replied back with

H: Hi😃 I was afraid you weren't gonna text or call me

S: yea...

H: can I ask u a question?

S: sure

H: can I take you out somewhere?

S: like a date?

Dammit! I can't believe I sent that

H: yeah

S: um okay

H: great I'll pick you up tonight at 6

H:where do you live?

I gave him my address and he said

H: dress casual

S: ok bye gtg

H: bye love 😉

I'm soooo nervous now

I drank my iced coffee and called up Ashlyn

"Hey boo! What's up" she said

"Um well so just now Harry just asked me out on a date"

"OH MY FUCKIN GOD! REALLY?!" She screamed in the phone, she can be kinda crazy but I love her


"Well I have news for you too!"

"Really? What?"

"So you know Niall?"

"Um the blondie?"

"Yea him! He's friends with Harry!"

"Oh yea I've seen him before" I said

"Well he asked me out yesterday!"

"I'm so happy for you! When are you guys going out?"

"He's gonna pick me up tonight at 7:30"


"What bout you?"

"Tonight at 6"

"OMG! We should have a double date sometime!"she kinda screamed into the phone

"Yea not really into that"

"No come on!"she begged

"I'll think bout it"


"Yea yea look I'm gonna go bye"


I checked the time it was 11:08, I threw my finished drink and walked home, I'm so nervous about the date though

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