What happens when Sydney meets Harry? Read to find out


3. chapter 3

The next day I wake up and all I could think about was Harry, those dreamy green eyes

I get ready, today my outfit was a nirvana t-shirt and black skinny jeans paired with some black vans and I decided to wear my heart necklace Ashlyn gave me for my birthday and the usual band braclets

I walk into science and Harry's there saying "good morning, you look beautiful"

Uhhh he's making me feel tingly and I now have butterflies in my stomach

"Good morning"I reply

As I was taking notes, a piece of paper lands on my desk

I open it and it has a phone number on it with "call me sometimes"


I turn around to look at him, and I see him looking confident as ever

During lunch I'm sitting with Ashlyn, and my other friends Isabella, and Rachel

They were dying to know about Harry and I.

I told them everything that had happened

"He totally likes you!"Isabella says

" really think so?"

"We know so" Ashlyn says

After science I had to wait for Harry since he told me he needed to tell me something and it was an emergency.

After he was done we started walking to our next classes which were next to each other

"So what did you need to tell me?"

He takes me and gently pushes me against a locker so my back was on the locker and all he does is comes closer to me and passionately kisses me, hands on my waist

I don't kiss back "ha ha harry" I say under the kiss he stops and looks at me in the eyes "Sydney, your eyes are so irresistible"

"Yours too" was all I could say uhhh stupid

He smiles and walks away

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