What happens when Sydney meets Harry? Read to find out


2. chapter 2

"Got any homework?"

"No mom just some papers you need to sign"

"Okay just leave them on the counters, you want lunch?"

"No thank you, I'm just gonna go the the bakery"

"Ok Hun, here's 20"

"Thank you"

I walk around town and see a bakery I walk In smelling the goodies, I walk towards the counter to see the back of a tall guy wearing a beanie and see some brown hair sticking out, then he turns around

"Sydney, hey"

"Harry, hi, so um you work here?"

"Oh, yeah! You look good"

"Heh heh thanks you too"

"I know I work this apron am I right?"he jokes

I can't help but laugh

"So what would you like?"

"3 blueberry muffins"

"Damn you fatass" he jokes again

I pretend to be offended but laugh

As he hands me my muffins I ask " how much?"

"It's on me"

"What no Harry no"

"Please it's fine love"and he touches my fingertips and winks"

I blush "thank you harry"

"Of course bye"


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