What happens when Sydney meets Harry? Read to find out


1. chapter 1

"Sydney Beatrice King!It's your first day of high school wake up!"

Ughhhh "okay mom!"

I can't believe it's my first day of high school, what if it goes horrible?what if I make enemies like those high school books? No what am I thinking I'm overreacting it's just how I am. Whatever the deal is I'm nervous.

I shower and get ready I don't really bother to put on make up just some mascara and Chapstick. For my outfit I chose to where a plaid buttoned up shirt with some ripped denim skinny jeans and my combat boots. I don't really do fancy accessories so I just wear some band bracelets from hot topic I'm really into nirvana and blink-182 and all that stuff . I grab my backpack and a granola bar and plop in my mom's car.

I arrive at school and spot my best friend Ashlyn she sees me we run to each other and hug. Now to get this first day started.

I'm sitting in social studies and completely bored as I doodle in my journel

"Now I want this 2 rows to turn to your left and introduce yourselves to the person next to you"

I hear a fake cough to my right and turn to see this beautiful boy with curly brown hair and I look into his eyes and it was beautiful and green and dreamy.SNAP OUT OF IT!

"Oh I'm sorry , I'm Sydney"

"Hello, I'm Hazza"

"Huh?" Is this kid's name really hazza?

"My nickname, but it's Harry"

He stuck out to shake my hand I nervously take it and smile.

He says "I like your smile" and smiles I then see his cute dimple

I immediately reply with "I like your dimple"

"I like your face"I blush and immediately turn around with eyes big and I can hear him chuckle

After class I get away from him as possible. I know it might be stupid to run away from someone that likes you, wait what am I saying he doesn't like me he's just probably messing with me. Still tho I act weird around boys and I don't want him to think I'm weird so staying away from him will be best.

I walk in to science and see him sitting near an open desk, no thank you I'd rather sit on the other side, later as we were taking notes I see him staring at me and I can't help but look and when he notices me looking at me he smiles and waves, I chose not to but I also don't want him to think I'm rude so I decide to wake back and look away immediately.

Finally school's over! I walk to Ashlyn and we walk outside then out of the corner Harry comes walking towards me

"Hi Sydney"

"Oh um hi Harry"

"How come you didn't sit next to me in science?"

"Oh I um, I didn't know you were in there"

"We'll I'll see you tomorrow love"and like that he walks away

Ashlyn makes her kissy face at us. I smacked her

"Oww" she playfully jokes as I laugh

"Dude he just called you love! OMG! So tell me everything"

I know he called me love, what's that supposed to mean!

"He's just playing" I tell her

"More like flirting"

"Whatever my mom's here bye see you Tommorow" I tell ash as I walk to my mom's ca

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