Humbug | Christmas Competition | SCPd Spinoff

Grégoire is about to spend Christmas Eve with his family and his mother's new fiancé. He'sa nice guy, really he is, but Greg doesn't see things the way his family does... The fiancé wants to enter the family with a bang, and Greg wants to ruin that for him, but to what expense?
Warnings: Contains strong language. Other information will be provided in the disclaimer.


3. *2*


We were the last to arrive at the luxurious chalet due to the fact that Brandon had had a hard time driving around when we got to Megève. Poor thing. Driving on the right side of the road is too hard for him, huh?

 We got out of the car, pulling on our coats and huddling up in our scarves. We took our luggage out of the boot of the car and headed inside. We were greeted by Maman’s mother who smiled at her daughter and hugged Brandon, kissing him on both cheeks warmly. She then turned to us with another smile. A much… Faker one.

Grandma never liked us much, my twin and I. We were illegitimate kids. Maman had us when she was barely eighteen because her mother refused that she got an abortion, threatening to disown her. Fun.
So yeah, Grandma didn’t like us bastardly twins. She still pretended she did, however, as she gave me a hug and pinched my sister’s cheek with a laugh.

Marie-Ange, look at you!” she said with a smile, cupping my sister’s face in her hands.  Marie-Ange smiled back a little awkwardly, holding her book close to her chest.

Brandon smiled charmingly at our grandmother, handing her a bottle of Champagne. She smiled brightly at that and thanked him before she scooted off towards the kitchen.

We took off our coats and walked into the living room where the rest of the family was. We were greeted our cousins. First Aurélie, who was the same age as my sister and I, and her older brother Raphaël, who was in his late twenties and currently living in Paris. They were Maman’s older sister’s children.

Raph’ shook my hand, asking me if everything was good. I made a so-so motion with my free hand and we both laughed at that. Then my sister and I greeted our Aunt and other cousins before we were told to take off our coats and bring our luggage upstairs.

I carried Marie-Ange’s small suitcase as well as mine up the stairs while she followed after me. We got to the room we were supposed to share. There was a double bed and that was it. I didn’t mind sleeping with my sister and neither did she. We were close, after all.

We took off our coats and settled them on the bed. Marie-Ange was wearing a fashionably ugly Christmas jumper and a black skirt. I wore a jumper similar to hers. It was made of wool and it was very, very comfortable. That’s all that mattered.

I hope everything will be fine this year…” mumbled my sister as she looked out the window.

I smiled weakly at her and walked over to her, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her in for a hug.

“I’ll try to not be a brat this year. I promise.” I told her jokingly, she bit her lip and nodded before she took my hand and walked downstairs with me, letting go of me once Raphaël came around the corner.

“Hey, twins, dinner will be ready in an hour or so. Aurélie wants to know if you’d want to walk around town.” He told us. I looked at my sister who just shrugged.

“It’s awfully cold out there.” She told our cousin. Raph shrugged as well.

“I was just suggesting.”

“Maybe tomorrow?” Angie suggested

Raph nodded and smiled at my sister before he turned to me “You wanna go smoke?” he asked me, pointing over to the balcony.

I nodded and walked after him. Marie-Ange and Aurélie followed after us and we spent some time together. Our cousins and I smoked, Angie stood in the doorway, crossing her arms to keep herself from being too cold as she listened to our conversations.

An hour later we were called for dinner.

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