Beauty and a BoyBand

13 year old Christa, a runaway.Never stays at a single place longer than an hour.What happens when she runs into 1 Direction.Will they take her away?


2. Chapter 2

Going on Tour

"Sweety, can you come down here for a moment"My father asked
"Sure Daddy, what is it?"I asked
Since he is much taller than me he bent down.
"How would you like to go on tour with me and the boys?"He asked
"I would absolutely love that"I said
"Okay because we're leaving right now,I already have bags packed"He said

We got to the bus, and I got in.Oh look, a bunk with pink letters on it.I wonder whose that is.I got closer to it and saw that it was actually mine.Great........
"Daddy is going to sleep in the one above you."He said"Now go change into your Pjs and get some sleep."
So I listened to my Dad, and changed.But when I got out I saw that we were actually here already,and he snuck off the bus.I wonder where he was going.So I tried to get of the bus.And look whose here,my 'babysitters'.Great...........
"Where do you think your going young lady?"Liam said
"To see my Dad"I said
"No its bedtime for you,besides your Daddy is going to see his Girlfriend"Liam said
What!!?!? My dad has a girlfriend! And I didn't know about it!?!
"No!! I want to meet his girlfriend!!"I said as I threw a temper tantrum..
"PAUL!"Liam screamed
Soon as you knew it,this big scary bodyguard.Oi, so this is Paul...
Paul picked me up,and brought me to my bunk.Opened the window next to me so I can breath. Then he locked my bunk door.Great I am locked in already. I can't even see my boyfriend, because I am locked up. I turned on my phone, and opened movellas. Oh my god! He put a child lock on my phone, it pops up a little message, it says: Daddy says this is a bad app.Its not appropriate for kids 16 and under.Everytime you open apps like this I get a message.....

Oh great, he sees everything I do. Even me texting Niall or my instagram or twitter! Oh lord, why why why!!!! Now Im getting a call, and guess who its from....Daddy, well that's what his contact is..
(M=Me D=Louis)
M:Hi Daddy
D:Hey Sweety
M:Daddy, are you dating someone?
D:Um why are you asking?
M:Your avoiding the question
?: Louis get back here, Baby I wasn't done with you?Who are you talking to?
He just hung up right then and there.My daddy has a Girlfriend?What the hell??

"Harry!!!!"I yelled
Harry came running in, and unlocked my door.
I dashed out and to my surprise Zayn caught me. He put me on couch and buckled me in.
Harry brought in the belt.Niall came in with Ice and a blanket.
"Missy your such in big trouble"Liam said
"I just needed to get out besides I need some answers"
"Okay, what kind of answers"Liam asked
"First, does my daddy have a girlfriend"I asked
"Um, why are you asking" Harry asked
"Well one Liam told me he has one and two I heard somebody on the phone when he called"I said
Zayn, immediately took my phone, and gave it to Liam. Great, Mr.I am older than you and can tell you what to do, has my phone. Just great.....
"Your not getting this back"He said shaking my phone in his hand.
Then Niall came and sat next to me. I cuddled in his shoulder and he kissed my head. I love Niall so much, he has always been my favorite.
Eventually my dad came back, and he saw I was still up. I got punished for that. So I am grounded for 2 months. Great, staying on this hell whole for two months should be fun.... 

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